Sideswipe – E.M.P.: Strikingly Sombre Instrumental Hip Hop

Goners by sideswipe

I can’t tell you how many times I get into a Hip Hop beat and end up dreading being hit by weak Rap bars. Thankfully, Sideswipe has come to the rescue with his Instrumental Hip Hop masterpiece E.M.P. The Philadelphia based artist put his production skills to the test with this transiently immersive track that doesn’t lose your attention even for a moment. Sideswipe uses a mix of eclectic sound to create his pioneering production which almost had the reminiscence of the Twin Peaks soundtrack as composed by Angelo Badalamenti. Sideswipe has created a contemporary mix of urban veracity around an infinite depth which points towards the artists sombre sensibility.

E.M.P. is just one of the tracks from the audio engineers 2018 debut album ‘Goners’ which Sideswipe created in his amiably informal DIY style. The fact that such a hauntingly beautiful instrumental beat was created in a home studio stands as testament to the fact that money is no object when it comes to pure talent.

You can stream & download Sideswipes new swirling monster of a Hip Hop track on BandCamp

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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