The Way She Moved: The Industrial Cult Orchestra tells us the story of the contagiously dangerous smile on ‘Insane’

With a life-changing temptation that could unlock the powerful mind if you aren’t too careful who to trust with the key, The Industrial Cult Orchestra wonders about the almost-promises that made you think twice on the body-shaking new single ‘Insane‘.

The Industrial Cult Orchestra is an indie genre-defying group that like to keep things different and always evolving. They wish to form a bond with many people all over the world, in the name of breaking away from the way the current world is moving.

The Industrial Cult Orchestra was forged in 2019 between a Viking, a Celt, and a Saxon, who, being unable to time travel, and growing anxious about the increasing inanities of modern society, decided it was time a new cult was formed.” ~ The Industrial Cult Orchestra

This is the story about how a relationship can take you to places it shouldn’t – the message of an intellectual man who foolishly enters into a misplaced relationship with a mysteriously attractive woman – who clearly isn’t a good fit for his soul. You feel the tension and energy which could take you to a place you wish to avoid, loving someone who is actually a poisoned chalice.

It was clear that people needed refuge from the extremities of political correctness, blame culture, fake news, populism, and the growing extinction threat to polar bears. 21st century humanity needs a cult that is not only just about orgies and intoxication, but also peace, tranquility, and a general ability to live in harmony alongside psychopaths, politicians, thieves and other sources of anxiety.” ~ The Industrial Cult Orchestra

Insane‘ from The Industrial Cult Orchestra, is that rather brooding track which takes you to a deep place of thought. You recall the time you almost when down – or did briefly go into that dark place – which had you under the spell of someone powerful who could do anything they wanted, whilst you just froze and let them take charge of your heart. Sung with a deep tone and a wondrous soundscape, this is that ultimate movie-like story which can turn real if you don’t take control of your romantic movements in life.

Hear this new single on their Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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