Apollo Grey – Sex for Breakfast


Apollo Grey is a nostalgia tapping R&B artist ready to blow us away with his artful rendition of the modern love song.  He’s created a magnificent grinding anthem through Sex For Breakfast. I was dubious of the title when I hit play, expecting a myriad of crass perversion and contempt to flow through the sound. Yet rather than depreciating a woman’s worth, he offers a playful mind’s eye view into his pain loss and suffering which celebrates the tortuous nature of femininity, ending the track with a raw ending through his humble admission of loss.

When it comes to his sound, it’s undoubtedly influenced by his impeccable sense of aesthetic. He’s fused fashion and the most contemporary of millennial art into his stylings. There’s no grandiosity within his lyrical presence, you can tell that his entire sound stems from his sincerity and his passion for a melodic fusion of the iconic R&B sound. There’s no ‘Ghetto en Vogue’, just a wonderous dichotomy of sound mixed with innocent style. This is just the start of Apollo’s musical mastery.

Check out Apollo Greys poigniant new hit on the YouTube link below:


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