8 Evolutions – Spirit Guides: A Joyful Journey Into Existentialism

Tackling a difficult subject matter takes a lot of bravery but doing it in a lighthearted way, through music, takes a level of artistry and courage that 8 Evolutions prove they have in spades! Their latest release, ‘Spirit Guides’, tackles questions about the afterlife head on, in a positively uplifting and fun way, through youthful but classic rock, layered guitar riffs, and a strong lead vocal.  The harmonies are tight and on point so, all the singers out there, no need to edit your ears or suspend musical reality in order to enjoy the track! It’s all good.

8 Evolutions are the real deal. The fact that they are gifted musicians is irrefutable. Their workmanship is crystal clear and their authenticity sets them apart from their peers. With that said, ‘Spirit Guides’ is a perfect example of song writing gold. The seamless flow from the verses to the chorus and then the bridge, is genuinely epic. Its original while being satisfyingly familiar and it’s the type of track that is sure to put these guys indelibly on the map.

Don’t take our word for it! Have a listen to ‘Spirit Guides’ here at Soundcloud and let us know what you think, Have fun!

Review by Susan Harriott

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