Antonio – Someone Just Like You: Funk-Infused Feel-Good Pop

Remember when Pop was actually effective in feeding you feel-good euphoria? From the first note in up and coming Pop artist Antonio’s single “Someone Just Like You” you’re immersed in a Funk-soaked punchy EDM Pop hit which carries plenty of reminiscences to artists such as George Michael. But there’s no denying that Antonio brought that infectiously happy aural ecstasy to the 21st century with Someone Just Like You.

Around the slaps of the bass you’ll get to hear jangling guitar progressions in the heady mix of high-octane Pop which creates the perfect platform for Antonio’s playfully salacious vocals and lyrics.

Feel-good music quite frequently has the exact opposite effect on me, but Antonio seems to have the magic touch which makes it all too impossible to resist slipping into the rhythmically indulgent radio-ready mix.

You can check out Antonio’s single Someone Just Like You for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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