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Grinding All My Life: Montreal’s King Mizery shows us into his world with ‘Worth It’

With his first full album on the way soon called ‘No Competition‘, King Mizery reminds us to keep a close eye on those we trust as there comes a point when weak souls crack from the pressure and could destroy everything you have built on ‘Worth It‘.

Mycal King aka King Mizery is a Montreal, Canada-based indie hip-hop artist with Jamaican and British heritage who comes from a family with a rich music history spanning decades.

King Mizery might be one of the most underrated storytellers of our generation. He flows genuinely with such a smoothly-penned style on show and you feel like he is only going to improve as time goes by, as that much-needed hunger to succeed is laced in each one of his verses.

Worth It‘ from Montreal, Canada-based indie hip-hop solo artist King Mizery, is a riveting tale of wondering why someone who you thought was a true friend would eventually switch teams and snitch on you. In a world full of mistrust and lies, this can be a harrowing experience that can cause your mood to flip rather quickly and boil out of control like a shattered kettle.

Rapped with a rugged style that can only be portrayed by someone who has actually lived a life surviving on the streets, this is an excellent underground track that shows you into a world that can change lives forever if one wrong move is made.

See this electrifying video about survival on YouTube and see more moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Be Your Guide: Zero-B1 connects perfectly and the feelings flow beautifully on ‘You Don’t Know’

Featuring lovely vocals that sumptuously has you feeling so calm and loved, Zero-B1 is back with his new single all about friends getting close after so much flirting, that will have your heart so happy on ‘You Don’t Know‘.

Zero-B1 is a skilled British-Nigerian RnB, jazz and soulful music producer, singer-songwriter, music arranger and lawyer-by-day. With a crisp rhythm attached so naturally in tune, he makes that genuine-feel music that just wraps you up tastefully and doesn’t let you ever be sad.

The song tells the all-too-relatable story of two close friends developing feelings, navigating their fears, and finally taking the plunge into the unknown to admit their feelings and give things a go together.” – Zero-B1

With buried treasures awaiting and lots of hand holding, this is such a sweetly pictured story that is full of innocent vocals and catchy beats – that makes you think that it is actually possible – to fall in love with a close friend. The time for concealing is over, as the door opens and you can’t help but gaze lustfully into each others eyes, with such a huge smile on your grinning faces.

You Don’t Know‘ from the top notch British-Nigerian singer/producer Zero-B1, shows us the story of two humans that have felt the spark and things heat up, without them realizing it at first. The heart wants what the heart wants, as the story of love has us all smiling in admiration, of this sweet story that fills you up with hope.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lots of love and soul: Tomboxe drops debut album ‘Does the Andrien’

New singer-songwriter Tomboxe sings with such love and meaning via his debut nine track full album called ‘Does the Andrien‘.

Tomboxe is a British-Nigerian musician who is so honest on this release as love for yourself, fear or love, love for the world and feeling lost in love sometimes, are all covered here. This is a man who is totally in touch to what is going on in the world with relationships, and speaks the truth here on was he sees and feels.

His voice rises about the rest as you can feel that he is a self-aware singer with a style that is unlike others. With a voice that was born due to being a big Justin Timberlake fan growing up, he hasn’t stopped to look in the mirror and is only ever evolving.

The high notes that he is able to reach is quite spectacular and its never too overbearing at all. The different R&B//Soul/Pop styles are all connected as the flow of the album is a well-made mix, that will have you dimming the lights and holding your lover so tight.

Particular highlights are without doubt’ Ode To The Dawn‘, ‘That Wont’ Do‘, ‘In The Darkness‘ and ‘It Is You‘. It feels like there is an extra edge here and these songs are made with a personal touch. This feels like music that has been carefully planned out and the love is so clear to hear.

Does the Andrien‘ from the soulfully genuine British-Nigerian singer-songwriter/poet Tomboxe is up there as one of the more impressive albums of the year. With a voice that amazes and with authentic lyrics, this is an R&B release to take note of.

Stream this love story via Spotify and find out more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


You can never say that the Britons can’t rock, it’s actually very much their cup of tea!

Lovebreakers set the example with their first single ‘Eye Roller’, an easy-listening alternative rock ballad that hints to a full-length album that apparently the Birmingham quartet is currently working on.

If you like Oasis’ and The Replacements’ open chords, ‘Eye Roller’ will satisfy you with its crunch strumming and melodic riffs overlaid on an upbeat pop tempo that makes your head cheerfully swing back and forth to the rhythm. Indie-ish (dare I say) vocals and honest and straightforward lyrics, you can’t help but sing along “guess what’s over, your eye-roller.”

Head over to Spotify and hit play on ‘Eye Roller.’

Review by Jim Esposito.

Fern has dropped Fast Forever

Fern has dropped their latest single ‘For Forever’ this combination of Soft Rock intertwine to create this compelling and unique piece.

Starting off with that low and slow-paced instrumental that light riff on the guitar and the tap on the bass drum, having that Rock essence flow through the instrumentation but keeping it mellow throughout. It’s more on the quiet side, embracing the smooth style that Fern has to offer.

The vocal ranges are insane, the way his voice adapts perfectly to the rhythm that collides in the background is what makes this song stand out. Having that same slow pace as he sings and keeping everything at a certain volume, which makes you hear the gravelly tone in the vocals.

Every element that has been added into this piece, is what makes Fern so unique. He adds his own twist onto the ever-growing sound of music and really modernises it in an incredible way.

Be sure to listen to this one by Fern, you won’t regret it. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

Listen to Fern, For Forever by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall

Hip-Hop Duo Raph x TT Release Newest Single ‘Roll With’

When you’re in an audacious state of mind, you could barely miss the feeling this nice song dole out on a regular each second; it’s ever-stunning as the crescent moon.

This is a smash hip-hop rap song whose delivery is very smooth; just like when the “silk” kisses the “satin” in the pristine air, you’ll surely be dazzled by this feature alone when you listen to this song.

Comprising of two creative individuals hailing from Birmingham, UK, Raphael and Timon, Raph x TT write, produce and master their music themselves, allowing them full creative autonomy and ensuring that the end product is exactly what they set it out to be. Raph and TT can typically rap about the simplest version of any given idea and they actually look beyond themselves. TT arrives for his turn on the carousel, and he skillfully painted us a beautiful dreamscape with his style of flow and deep sexy voice, this was the defining moment for me in this song.

Their newest single exemplifies the versatility of the duo, with a catchy R&B piano hook overlayed with British hip-hop lyrics. Taking inspiration from the likes of Stormzy, Not3s and Lotto Boys and even from main stream artist Ed Sheeran, Roll With is British urban hip-hop with a twist.

Raph and TT are more likely gonna be categorized to be in the league of Wiley, JME and Skepta because they somewhat have same musical sound and style with them.

The laydown of an enjoyable piano sound that doubles as a chill track and a groovy record makes the song even more memorable. The production is also a note-worthy to be mentioned as one of the nice features of this track. Raph and TT meshed so well to exude same flash velocity of technical brilliance in this song.

This is a great song and y’all should go check it out.

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SAR Releases Fresh Track “Gully Girl”

SAR is a young British rapper with a sound that is fresh and enjoyable to listen to with an underlying cool attitude. In his latest release “Gully Girl” he delivers a song that features a great balance between rap verses and slightly more melodic choruses while also keeping a steady flow, clear pronunciation and a solid beat. Furthermore, the music video that accompanies the song goes really well with the music and lyrics while also displaying a soft feminine sensuality that portrays the imagery of “Gully Girl” sensibly.

Starting off the song is the gradual development of instrumentation into the main beat which results in a punchy groove that carries you along while also enhancing the effectivity of the lyric rhythm. As the pre-chorus and chorus unfold it is interesting to hear some melodic aspects emerging and this makes the song even more memorable and well crafted. The vocal delivery remains steady and on point throughout, without becoming monotonous or unintelligible, and the rhythmic variations between the verses and choruses adds more dimension and character to the song as well. Throughout the whole three minutes SAR shows that he’s definitely on the right track, creating material that is enjoyable to listen to and fresh! Check it out !

Sarah Marie Bugeja

Dozenz Releases New 80’s Inspired Single “Need Nobody”

Dozenz is a British born, Emirati based songwriter and producer with a passion for Britpop and highly energetic rhythmic play in lyrics. The blazing sound created, particularly in the latest single “Need Nobody” is sure to get any listener moving. With an extensive background in the music industry as a songwriter, performer and producer, Dozenz is capable of creating a truly authentic sound that features a blend of cultural influences and original artistic ideas.

“Need Nobody” is a track which features strongly Dozenz’s Britpop and 80s influences. Apart from this it also features a very modern and crisp sense of melody which makes it the next potential radio hit. This song is guaranteed to have you singing and dancing along and it’s highly energetic vibe radiates fun and excitement. Another interesting factor which makes the song so interesting is its instrumental and vocal arrangement featuring two vocals and a myriad of electrifying synth sounds. “Need Nobody” is Dozenz’s latest single but this is just the beginning of what he has to offer. This track is also followed by a five track EP and a new album which is currently in the making, so make sure to keep an eye out for what’s to come next !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Another Restless Night for Two Penny Blue

Whilst many bands are concerned with just where they fit in to the intricate jigsaw of music genres, there are bands who just seem to follow a less fashion dictated path, one that results in them making music which seems to fit into a more general description of just making music. Simple, honest and free of the burden of expectation. Two Penny Blue are just such a band and Restless Night is just such a song. They have developed a strand of rootless country-folk that seems to owe as little to Nashville as it does the folk-rock machinations of fellow Brits Mumford and Sons. Instead they have threaded favourite musical references through their own sonic creations to create a word of western hemisphere, mid Atlantic, roots-pop music. Imagine that?

Maybe in a world where everything has become sampled and plugged in, tuned up and rinsed of anything organic, it is time for bands such as Two Penny Blue to fight back, reconnect with something oak-aged and tangible, analogue and accessible. And if you like the sound of that they have a cracker of an album named Let’s Say which you must check out.

Meet The Artist Making Conscious Rap Fresh Again: Introducing ADZ

ADZ recently released a brand new remixed version of Silence, one of his most compelling tracks to date. With this thought-provoking remix, he set out to reinvent the groove of the song with a really unique creative concept.

This remix has got some refreshingly new textures and some stunning atmospheres that add depth to the music.

The song begins with a rather mellow vibe, but eventually the groove picks ups and acquires a very uplifting texture, particularly due to the unique tone of the vocals and the drum machine beats, which have a really dry, punchy groove to them.

ADZ has managed to build quite a big following for his conscious and direct approach to rap. His lyrics and sonic aesthetics are conscious and direct, often giving his music a really strong focus on social themes and other issues, inspired by artists as outspoken as Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, J. Cole and many more. Not unlike these aforementioned talents, ADZ is always ready to speak up agains social issues, particularly with a focus on the UK scene. This song, in particular, was inspired by the recent times of political unrest and events such as Brexit, which had  and will have a massive impact on the lives of millions of people, not only throughout the United Kingdom, but throughout the whole world.

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