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You can never say that the Britons can’t rock, it’s actually very much their cup of tea!

Lovebreakers set the example with their first single ‘Eye Roller’, an easy-listening alternative rock ballad that hints to a full-length album that apparently the Birmingham quartet is currently working on.

If you like Oasis’ and The Replacements’ open chords, ‘Eye Roller’ will satisfy you with its crunch strumming and melodic riffs overlaid on an upbeat pop tempo that makes your head cheerfully swing back and forth to the rhythm. Indie-ish (dare I say) vocals and honest and straightforward lyrics, you can’t help but sing along “guess what’s over, your eye-roller.”

Head over to Spotify and hit play on ‘Eye Roller.’

Review by Jim Esposito.


Fern has dropped Fast Forever

Fern has dropped their latest single ‘For Forever’ this combination of Soft Rock intertwine to create this compelling and unique piece.

Starting off with that low and slow-paced instrumental that light riff on the guitar and the tap on the bass drum, having that Rock essence flow through the instrumentation but keeping it mellow throughout. It’s more on the quiet side, embracing the smooth style that Fern has to offer.

The vocal ranges are insane, the way his voice adapts perfectly to the rhythm that collides in the background is what makes this song stand out. Having that same slow pace as he sings and keeping everything at a certain volume, which makes you hear the gravelly tone in the vocals.

Every element that has been added into this piece, is what makes Fern so unique. He adds his own twist onto the ever-growing sound of music and really modernises it in an incredible way.

Be sure to listen to this one by Fern, you won’t regret it. We can’t wait to see what he does next!

Listen to Fern, For Forever by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Hip-Hop Duo Raph x TT Release Newest Single ‘Roll With’

When you’re in an audacious state of mind, you could barely miss the feeling this nice song dole out on a regular each second; it’s ever-stunning as the crescent moon.

This is a smash hip-hop rap song whose delivery is very smooth; just like when the “silk” kisses the “satin” in the pristine air, you’ll surely be dazzled by this feature alone when you listen to this song.

Comprising of two creative individuals hailing from Birmingham, UK, Raphael and Timon, Raph x TT write, produce and master their music themselves, allowing them full creative autonomy and ensuring that the end product is exactly what they set it out to be. Raph and TT can typically rap about the simplest version of any given idea and they actually look beyond themselves. TT arrives for his turn on the carousel, and he skillfully painted us a beautiful dreamscape with his style of flow and deep sexy voice, this was the defining moment for me in this song.

Their newest single exemplifies the versatility of the duo, with a catchy R&B piano hook overlayed with British hip-hop lyrics. Taking inspiration from the likes of Stormzy, Not3s and Lotto Boys and even from main stream artist Ed Sheeran, Roll With is British urban hip-hop with a twist.

Raph and TT are more likely gonna be categorized to be in the league of Wiley, JME and Skepta because they somewhat have same musical sound and style with them.

The laydown of an enjoyable piano sound that doubles as a chill track and a groovy record makes the song even more memorable. The production is also a note-worthy to be mentioned as one of the nice features of this track. Raph and TT meshed so well to exude same flash velocity of technical brilliance in this song.

This is a great song and y’all should go check it out.

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SAR Releases Fresh Track “Gully Girl”

SAR is a young British rapper with a sound that is fresh and enjoyable to listen to with an underlying cool attitude. In his latest release “Gully Girl” he delivers a song that features a great balance between rap verses and slightly more melodic choruses while also keeping a steady flow, clear pronunciation and a solid beat. Furthermore, the music video that accompanies the song goes really well with the music and lyrics while also displaying a soft feminine sensuality that portrays the imagery of “Gully Girl” sensibly.

Starting off the song is the gradual development of instrumentation into the main beat which results in a punchy groove that carries you along while also enhancing the effectivity of the lyric rhythm. As the pre-chorus and chorus unfold it is interesting to hear some melodic aspects emerging and this makes the song even more memorable and well crafted. The vocal delivery remains steady and on point throughout, without becoming monotonous or unintelligible, and the rhythmic variations between the verses and choruses adds more dimension and character to the song as well. Throughout the whole three minutes SAR shows that he’s definitely on the right track, creating material that is enjoyable to listen to and fresh! Check it out !

Sarah Marie Bugeja


Dozenz Releases New 80’s Inspired Single “Need Nobody”

Dozenz is a British born, Emirati based songwriter and producer with a passion for Britpop and highly energetic rhythmic play in lyrics. The blazing sound created, particularly in the latest single “Need Nobody” is sure to get any listener moving. With an extensive background in the music industry as a songwriter, performer and producer, Dozenz is capable of creating a truly authentic sound that features a blend of cultural influences and original artistic ideas.

“Need Nobody” is a track which features strongly Dozenz’s Britpop and 80s influences. Apart from this it also features a very modern and crisp sense of melody which makes it the next potential radio hit. This song is guaranteed to have you singing and dancing along and it’s highly energetic vibe radiates fun and excitement. Another interesting factor which makes the song so interesting is its instrumental and vocal arrangement featuring two vocals and a myriad of electrifying synth sounds. “Need Nobody” is Dozenz’s latest single but this is just the beginning of what he has to offer. This track is also followed by a five track EP and a new album which is currently in the making, so make sure to keep an eye out for what’s to come next !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Another Restless Night for Two Penny Blue

Whilst many bands are concerned with just where they fit in to the intricate jigsaw of music genres, there are bands who just seem to follow a less fashion dictated path, one that results in them making music which seems to fit into a more general description of just making music. Simple, honest and free of the burden of expectation. Two Penny Blue are just such a band and Restless Night is just such a song. They have developed a strand of rootless country-folk that seems to owe as little to Nashville as it does the folk-rock machinations of fellow Brits Mumford and Sons. Instead they have threaded favourite musical references through their own sonic creations to create a word of western hemisphere, mid Atlantic, roots-pop music. Imagine that?

Maybe in a world where everything has become sampled and plugged in, tuned up and rinsed of anything organic, it is time for bands such as Two Penny Blue to fight back, reconnect with something oak-aged and tangible, analogue and accessible. And if you like the sound of that they have a cracker of an album named Let’s Say which you must check out.


Meet The Artist Making Conscious Rap Fresh Again: Introducing ADZ

ADZ recently released a brand new remixed version of Silence, one of his most compelling tracks to date. With this thought-provoking remix, he set out to reinvent the groove of the song with a really unique creative concept.

This remix has got some refreshingly new textures and some stunning atmospheres that add depth to the music.

The song begins with a rather mellow vibe, but eventually the groove picks ups and acquires a very uplifting texture, particularly due to the unique tone of the vocals and the drum machine beats, which have a really dry, punchy groove to them.

ADZ has managed to build quite a big following for his conscious and direct approach to rap. His lyrics and sonic aesthetics are conscious and direct, often giving his music a really strong focus on social themes and other issues, inspired by artists as outspoken as Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, J. Cole and many more. Not unlike these aforementioned talents, ADZ is always ready to speak up agains social issues, particularly with a focus on the UK scene. This song, in particular, was inspired by the recent times of political unrest and events such as Brexit, which had  and will have a massive impact on the lives of millions of people, not only throughout the United Kingdom, but throughout the whole world.

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UK Hip-Hop Artist IYKZ Releases Newest Single ‘Real Heroes’ Dedicated to Those Lost in the UK Terror Attacks

Hackney born artist Iykz certainly knows how to go above and beyond between urban music culture, with the release of pivotal track, Real Heroes. Dabbling from traditional garage to UK hip-hop, Iykz discerns a musical renaissance coming from his many inspirations, such as Tupac, Biggie and Michael Jackson. Released shortly after the bleak terrorist attacks in both Manchester and London, Iykz’ sentimental track embodies true depth and compassion through lyrics of gravity.

Real Heroes is a valuable comfort to its listeners, where the gentle, tranquil piano slinks into the focal spirit of the track. As he reassures “Truly I see the beauty, I see a lot of love”, “God’s looking down like wow, I think he’s proud of us”. The hard hitting song elucidates the genuine emotion behind such a tragedy, and as he asserts “Pay some respect, to the fallen they the real heroes”, Iykz is a prime example of how the community fights back against the catastrophe. Iykz shares an analogous feeling of melancholy, which is powered by his inviting and comforting voice. Both conflicting emotions unite together to deliver a promising message that amalgamates his listeners.

Real Heroes represents our social community as fighters, and without a doubt a spirit lifter despite circling around a desolate affair.

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A&R Factory Present: Tenderhooks

Tenderhooks are a light hearted alternative rock band, embracing all areas of good music from blues to soul to jazz, bringing enriching tendencies to the musical table. Markus Leinweber the lead singer, and musical connoisseur for the keyboard and saxophone is the band’s chief personality, a quintessential British façade, whilst Benassi the lead guitarist, Paul Wheeler the guitarist, Phil Macnamara the bassist, Alex Marino on the drums and Nick Kreel the keyboardist all are vital pieces to the Tenderhooks puzzle, making the band complete in every shape and form. After releasing their forth album Loving Sword they have released a pragmatic music video for their first single from the album Brighton is Falling, revealing a genuine side to British life, portraying the artists on a corporeal level rather than superficial frenzy. Climbing to success, Tenderhooks have released their third music video ‘Blue Sky Train’ and are recording for the new album at the Metway Studios in Brighton.
Tenderhooks kickstarts a series of episodes with ‘Brighton is Falling’, creating a backstory to their music, which ultimately sets the unique band aside from their competitors in the indie-rock scene. Lead singer Markus Leinweber takes charge of the song with a traditionally British rock and roll attitude with similarities to the likes of Jamie T. The whole song builds up a lively atmosphere with an upbeat melody throughout, accompanied by a chirpy rhythm on the keyboards and a bouncing beat surrendering a vivacious ambience by the bassist and guitarist. Leinweber devilishly throws himself into the heart of the music by displaying a passionate performance, and this persuades the audience to join in the enthusiastic environment.

Each distinct episode thereafter contributes to the exclusive experience Tenderhooks have to offer. ‘Curtain Twitcher’ exhibits relaxed indie vibes, where ‘Blue Sky Train’ embraces the quality of jazz music. The slow-paced drumming and soft harmonizing vocals of ‘Curtain Twitcher’ recalls the guising complexion of the likes of The Beatles and Courteeners. The song’s anaemic structure recreates a summery complexity, extracting high spirits from the track through care-free grace rather than a troubled fixation that belongs to the alternative rock scene.

What makes ‘Blue Sky Train’ a fresh alternative to the Tenderhooks sound is the affectionate impression the idyllic saxophone marks on their listeners. We become lost in the charming mystery, where Leinweber’s kindred vocals and the jaunty instrumentals transforms the atmosphere into a celestial state. The band refashions a 1960s-school disco setting, almost like a scene from Grease, exploring all jovial concepts of a national pride in brass music. A combination of benign rock and old school blues, Tenderhooks comprises of inspirations from Madness, Ian Dury and Ray Charles, forming a complete feel good attitude to alternative rock.

Throughout all three episodes of Brighton Is Falling, Tenderhooks lights a spark in a classically British sound, reviving the true sound of rock and roll. They add comedy to each episode, and by humourizing British culture, they reveal the side of music which isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. From exposing the hard truths of signing to a record label, to dodgy gangsters and even making a joke out of Brighton hipsters, Tenderhooks are realists and that is what fascinates their listeners. The combination of indie-pop, jazz and rock and roll is a canny technique which shares both old school British rock and new age alternative-indie. Tenderhooks are as bold as ever with their attitude to rock music, and that is what the rock scene needs, an invigorating stance on music culture.

Words By Aly Mchugh



A&r Factory Present: Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles

Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles is the superb new musical endeavor of Billy Bibby, former and founding lead guitarist of Catfish and the Bottlemen. No newcomer to the British music scene, it was in 2007, at age 17, that Bibby became the elder statesman of this working class quartet formed in Llandudno, North Wales. Catfish and the Bottlemen relentlessly gigged their way across the UK, and occasionally abroad, building a fiercely loyal fan base, selling out increasingly larger venues, and ultimately securing a recording deal in 2013 that would lead to the release of a Top 10 debut album Certified Gold in the UK. And Billy Bibby and his band are ready to do it all again.

Billy Bibby’s current musical journey began in the summer of 2014 in the same, grass roots, DIY style that served him well in the past. Penning new tunes and trialling them in front of live audiences, as well as via demos posted to SoundCloud, garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback. The time was right to transition to a full band experience and, with the help of Simon Jones, bassist for The Verve, auditions were held and a new four-piece ensemble of talented musicians rapidly took shape. Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles are: Billy Bibby – lead vocals / guitar, Rob Jones – lead guitar / vocals, Matt Thomas – bass / vocals, Mike Pearce – drums.

Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles released their first single, ‘Waitin’ for You’, and played their first live show in November of 2015 and it’s been nonstop ever since: a debut EP Bide Your Time, a follow-up single ‘Are You Ready?’, over 60 gigs across the UK including numerous festival appearances, radio play on Radio X, BBC Introducing, Virgin Radio, Amazing Radio, and over 100 stations in the UK and abroad. Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles are out to win over new fans one by one with their energetic, tuneful, and optimistic rock.