Am I Here On My Own: Inspiring Reading band Third Lung urge us to stick together tightly on their excellent ‘What Is a Life?’

After smartly forming the much-anticipated LODDFEST (on Saturday 18th September 2021) with the awesome folks at THE LODDON BREWERY, Third Lung drops their third single of the year which urges us to join together and get back into the live music rhythm on ‘What Is a Life?‘.

Third Lung is a well-respected Reading, England-based four-piece indie-rock band with a terrific sound which seems to wash all your worries away into the distance. They make that meaningful music with such real introspection into issues which are actually important.

Their wondrous heart-beating sound can be compared to a few other bands but they are the most relevant one around in the UK currently. It feels like they are really building an impressively resilient castle that will never ever be conquered – no matter what the world says – as they perform for more than themselves. They seem to be able to lift you up no matter what your day is telling you to do – and the soundscape is absolutely scrumptious – just like a tasty cold drink after a salty swim in the sand-filled sea.

Song of 2021 so far.” ~ Tom Bright

This is the story about coming closer again and making sure that those you truly care about are there right now, no matter what has happened before. After many gigs and festivals lost, the live music scene all over the world has been decimated and this feels like a way to change the current tide of doom.

What Is a Life?‘ from the top quality Reading, England indie rockers Third Lung, is a true classic single in every sense of the word. Their stunning vocals, carefully crafted lyrics and blush-heavy sound, has all the makings of a real gem for our tired hearts. After so much time away from each other, this feels like a sensational single we can all jump up and down to, hug closely to, and make new friends with. This really is one of the best tracks of the year so far without doubt, as it is one of those memorable songs you feel deep in your beating heart, packed full of pure joy and love.

Music really does heal all worries away.

Stream their new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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