Allen Green’s ‘P’s Up’ Is A Soulful Synthwave Journey Through Hip-Hop Nostalgia

Curating only the smoothest samples for his aural doorways into the exultation of hip-hop nostalgia, Allen Green’s harmony-driven approach to sample-based production has proven irresistible throughout his career which kicked off in 2023 with the mixtape 808 Soul, Vol. 1.

His latest lush with soul release, P’s Up, is an invitation to lose yourself in the tonal transcendence of his ingenuity. It’s a neon-lit euphoric hybrid of synthwave, soul, and hip-hop that temporally drifts through eras and styles, evoking sentimentality for each epoch while standing as a testament to Green’s ability to modernise retro rhythms while staying true to his LA roots.

With everyone from the Alchemist to DJ Jazzy Jeff to Barry White influencing his sonic signature which scribes through hazy synth hues and solid backbeats, you’d be more than hard-pressed to find an artist and producer more resolute in staying true to orchestrating originated syntheses that first and foremost strikes a chord within him and inevitably resonate with his ever-growing fanbase.

P’s Up was officially released on May 16; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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