Alexander Mills – Get Out of Your Head: Vibrantly Poignant, Infectiously Catchy Alt Acoustic Pop

Whatever kind of day you’ve had, I can guarantee it will be improved by hitting play on Alt Acoustic artist Alexander Mills’ latest single “Get Out of Your Head”.

The single was released in June 2019 as an antidote to the archetypal Acoustic Pop singles which you will find on every corner of the internet. Right from the intro, a shockwave of vibrant tonality hits and invites you to the melodic mix which runs through with a slight Indie vibe, yet the polished production on the single makes Get Out of Your Head a radio-ready hit.

We all spend a little too long naval gazing; Alexander Mills’ single is a poignant reminder that life is infinitely easier if we don’t spend it second-guessing our every single move then tormenting ourselves for being human.

You can check out Alexander Mills’ magnetically captivating single Get Out of Your Head for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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