A Tranquil State Of Mind: scal35 takes us to a peaceful planet with ‘Launch Day’

After the marvelously breathtaking and pure sound that had us feeling somehow both mystified and calm at the same time on ‘Orchid‘, scal35 wonder fruitfully into a new and fascinating dimension and kindly take us by the hand so we can go too on ‘Launch Day‘.

scal35 is an EDM artist who makes tasty music to satisfy all the desires of being fully independent and never being put into any box that might suffocate complete freedom.

We(they/them) make music and are here to share! I am a non-binary artist that prefers to perform in my own cosplay; dragon themed of course, as internet culture and all the amazing music I’ve listened to over the years has encouraged me to share my own creative self expression.” ~ scal35

Launch Day‘ from the exciting indie EDM artist scal35, shows us that it is indeed possible to be whoever you want to be. With a determined outlook, a rather stupendously sounding ambiance and filled-up rays of happy sunshine, plus a wave of beauty that transforms before your very eyes, this is a real underground gem that needs to be heard.

Our sad hearts need all the love we can get right now.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more moves via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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