A sight to see: Daniel Levi sings with such pure love on the gorgeous ‘Jasmine’

With his fantastic long hair flowing with the wonderful band beside him, Daniel Levi shows us what is possible if you give it a second chance on ‘Jasmine‘.

Daniel Levi is a lively five-piece contemporary pop group from Tallinn in beautiful Estonia. They make that sweet soul-pop fun type of alluring soundscape, that makes you happy and sets you free.

After the massive success of “On & On”, that has racked up over 518 million plays on Spotify and YouTube, this is the no-pressure follow-up, that entrenches their name all over the globe once again.

This is that likable music that your whole family can enjoy as it is peaceful, loving and without hidden agendas attached. We are joyfully introduced to the story of giving love a second shot, after it didn’t quite work out the first time and being together closer while dancing around and being silly. Life is so harsh and serious, so to have this moment really bonds a couple together and induces only fun memories forever.

He sings with that genuine joy and seems content with his happy band with him for the ride of a lifetime, as his vocals reflect a man just going for it and seeing where the next road shall lead.

Jasmine‘ from Estonian five-piece act Daniel Levi, is that surge of energy when we needed it most, with their vibrant style that captures your mind and clicks the mood gauge up a notch, to highly welcome levels of smiles for days.

Hear this fantastic new track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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