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A sight to see: Daniel Levi sings with such pure love on the gorgeous ‘Jasmine’

With his fantastic long hair flowing with the wonderful band beside him, Daniel Levi shows us what is possible if you give it a second chance on ‘Jasmine‘.

Daniel Levi is a lively five-piece contemporary pop group from Tallinn in beautiful Estonia. They make that sweet soul-pop fun type of alluring soundscape, that makes you happy and sets you free.

After the massive success of “On & On”, that has racked up over 518 million plays on Spotify and YouTube, this is the no-pressure follow-up, that entrenches their name all over the globe once again.

This is that likable music that your whole family can enjoy as it is peaceful, loving and without hidden agendas attached. We are joyfully introduced to the story of giving love a second shot, after it didn’t quite work out the first time and being together closer while dancing around and being silly. Life is so harsh and serious, so to have this moment really bonds a couple together and induces only fun memories forever.

He sings with that genuine joy and seems content with his happy band with him for the ride of a lifetime, as his vocals reflect a man just going for it and seeing where the next road shall lead.

Jasmine‘ from Estonian five-piece act Daniel Levi, is that surge of energy when we needed it most, with their vibrant style that captures your mind and clicks the mood gauge up a notch, to highly welcome levels of smiles for days.

Hear this fantastic new track on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The country cowboy with big goals: Pop singer Caesar gives us ‘The Chills’

Cat lover, singer-songwriter and young cowboy Caesar, is back to further enhance his music career with the new single ‘The Chills‘.

This charismatic indie artist has huge goals and a funky fresh fusion of genres intertwined in his soul that makes him stand out from rest of the curious crowd. His vocals are pure and genuine, the flamboyance only makes him more likable to each listener, as he grows his name around the world.

This is the story of love and how you feel so much for that special person in your life. All you want to do is be them and you will do whatever it takes.

If he can stay focused, put the hard work in to master his craft, get brand merchandise and other streams of income flowing nicely to help him pay for studio time and music videos, this is an artist that can rise to wherever he wants to take his music. ‘The Chills‘ from Caesar is a step forward for a young artist that shows the potential needed and just need to put the time in, stay patient and make quality music that inspires.

Hear this awesome new single on his Spotify and see how his music evolves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Expressing disappointment with lost love: Australia’s JXCKY sings from the heart on ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’

The sweet soundscape seeps through the walls right away, and we are brought into the story of troubled love. The story of being played for a fool, when you thought this was a solid relationship- that would stand the test of time. Innovative R&B Pop artist JXCKY is in sumptuous form on his new single ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?‘.

His voice has so much disappointment attached, that you can feel inside your bones while listening intently. The tone is a bit sad and regretful that this has happened, he feels used and confused, a completely natural state of mind that opens up his heart to heal again. This is a feeling that so many of us have gone through before- you thought that this was something special but now you feel you have wasted your time. You feel used and that hurts the most.

The beat sweeps in and dusts away the teary eyes, you now feel a bit angry and wonder what is so good about the new person in their life. He has a way with words, this is a singer who has such a glorious gift and it feels like he is ready now. The self-doubt and name change is done, he wants to rise about and prove himself right. Making music is comes so naturally and the effortless flow steams the speakers with electric effect.

What’s So Good About Brandon?‘ is a way of moving on to new and better things from Melbourne singer-songwriter JXCKY. His voice is radiant and real, an artist who is only really getting started and ready to shine so brightly above all, that may come his way to try and block his path to his true goals in life. Trying to be the best version of yourself each day, is the best way to be happy inside.

Stream this passionate song here.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A synth-wave experience like no other: Arcadnis reaches for the stars on ‘Jupiter’

With a synth-wave style that is sweetly sprinkled into a sumptuously beautiful mesh of wonderfully created music, Arcadnis is an artist who is so uniquely brilliant. This is a special song that truly is a guiding light, in a dark year for the world. She returns with her latest single called ‘Jupiter‘ and this is an addictive track that shows the growth of a musician, who has conquered her own fears.

Joanna Krystyniecka aka Arcadnis is a supremely gifted singer-songwriter that seems to float on the air when she sings as everything is so effortless. Her voice takes you into a different galaxy, each note is pure like sipping gently from a fresh waterfall, you feel clean and ready for life after listening to this.

A mysterious performer who is so refreshingly honest on her social media about being on stage, this is a track that will inspire your soul so much. This is hauntingly beautiful, full of hopes and dreams that makes this is an exhilarating 6 minute experience that is almost cinematic.

Jupiter‘ from Arcadnis is a song for anyone that is feeling anxious right now and who needs a push of confidence into those sleepy veins. You can do practically anything you set your mind to and the support of those close to you is so key. Backing yourself however, is the first step.

Hear this spectacular new track on Spotify and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Catchy Synth-Pop melodies for days: Shiffley show their frustration with certain ‘Rich Kids’

This is an ode to those annoying kids at school who spend their parents money like it was their own, and do what they want. With a vibrant style, this is a band who add a catchy pop pureness that wanders into your welcoming ears. New York City’s Shiffley are back with the new single called ‘Rich Kids‘ and this is a winner all the way.

After the success of 2018’s Paper Cranes and opening for massive bands like Twenty One Pilots, you feel that this is an outfit that are only growing each day. They make music easy to listen to and this is cleverly-made music with such passion and a drive that skids along the road into the parking space so nicely.

Brooklyn’s Shiffley are such a fun band to listen to and they show realness with the synth-pop track ‘Rich Kids’. This is a song that shows that not everyone is enamored with people that have too much money and break the rules just to be cool.

This is a band that adds joy to the airwaves and their message is spot on. With enjoyable music like this, they are an act to really pay attention to. ‘Rich Kids‘ is a track to enjoy and dance along with, exactly what the world needs right now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Soulful singer Harry Linacre sings with such passion on the love song ‘Make Up’

Soulful singer Harry Linacre sings with such passion on the love song ‘Make Up‘ and this is a track to play when you are going through a tough time in your life.

You want to be together with your lover so badly as you feel that they are the one. Things are a bit wild right now but the calm in the harsh wash of the undercurrent is slowly subsiding. You want this to work and you will do anything you can to make it happen, you can give up now. The love is too strong,

Make Up‘ shows us how to get back with that person you love. Singing a romantic song of course really helps a lot. Harry Linacre has an incredible voice and he is so spectacular here, you are amazed by his talented and this is such a romantic track. Love can get messy sometimes but if you care about each other enough, things will work out for the best.

Head through to the Insta page to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chamber Pop that illuminates: Heren Wolf’s ‘Far’ is a spectacular song filled with warmth

Chamber Pop that illuminates: Heren Wolf’sFar‘ is a spectacular song filled with warmth and deep energies that filters into our hearts.

Heren Wolf is an Italian pop singer-songwriter based in London who has a voice that pieces through you, you can feel the raw beautif and how incredibly well this song has been constructed.

‘The imagery of the‘womb’, representing the safe and primordial place, in which pain hasn’t yet left its mark.’- Heren Wolf

With a soothing start that has stunning piano riffs that are so touching and encapsulates how safe the world should be. After making a fresh move to London, this is all about a new times. Taking the time to heal from all that happened in the past is key, moving on is even better as it enables you to start again. New friends and new memories.

Heren Wolf’sFar‘ is such a masterpiece, the layers here are so magnificently meshed together and you can’t help but appreciate this new song. Music like this doesn’t appear all the time and this is a track that needs to be hear and played to get that extra bit of beauty back in our lives.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Heart Tattoo’ from the riveting Rowanna Chown is an explosion of Alt-Pop wonderlands to purify our dreams

Heart Tattoo‘ from the riveting Rowanna Chown is an explosion of Alt-Pop wonderlands to purify our dreams with this exciting track.

After already being played on BBC radio Kent after dropping on 19th October 2020, you can just feel that there is a bit of a special buzz about this new single. This Singer-pianist from London is in awe-inspiring form here with this new single and big things are set to come. Surely Lady Gaga will have her to open for her in the UK soon when tours are on again.

Rowanna Chown is quite captivating on ‘Heart Tattoo‘. This is a song that starts really quickly and you know the UK based artist is in no mood for nonsense. She sings with such confidence and is surely a rising star. The vocals are in your face, clear and the creativity is for all to see here. This is a fab Alt-Pop song that should be a mainstay on your playlists.

Rowanna has that extra bit of class that you can’t teach. She was born with it and its up to her to make use of her talents and not fall away like so many talented musicians before her, that get lost in the music game with all its distractions. This is an excellent single.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Los Angeles singer Arcana speaks on personal addiction with ‘Back To You’

Los Angeles singer Arcana speaks on personal addiction with ‘Back To You‘ and this is a true story about how some people have a piece of your soul in their hand.

After the success of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’-the moody alt-pop gem, this is a return to these very high heights of effortless music.

“This song seemingly wrote itself for me. I was laying in bed past midnight when the chorus presented itself in full. The next day I sat down with it and created a very basic production outline; really just the bass and a beat idea. I handed it off to my producer RIKI who immediately understood my vision for the track and put his unique twist on the production.”

Arcana sings with such determination on ‘Back To You‘. The LA singer is experiencing something that is quite rare, that strong love with someone that won’t go away. You think of them so much and you are addicted to their style, what they say and you can’t do anything about it. It is like you have been taken over by a different spirit, this can be good but also bad, depending on who you are with.

This is a lovely indie pop song with a great vibe, terrific production and a new talent has emerged from 2020.

Click here to check out the video.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stylish Space-Pop singer Lonesome Rhodes slide in with the honest ‘Bad News’

Lonesome Rhodes is an exciting Austin-based musician and this sound is time-travel pop which helps stir the perfect tonic in 2020 with ‘Bad News‘.

Texas artist Kevin F. Johnson is the mastermind behind this incredible sound that is show-stopping with an all ages appeal. There is lots of glitz and glamour here but you can also feel that this is a down to earth musician with talent oozing from the dance floor. The singing is so vibrant, he clearly has style and charisma. This is that happy Pop music that will get the whole family singing, the smooth sounds are incredible.

Bad News‘ is a tale of realness from Lonesome Rhodes as the story of watching your friend back is needed. She is trouble and you have warned with your words but will it be enough is not clear.

The vocals are crisp and well-sung, this is a classy performance that has you in a god place. You get the feeling that this is an artist on the rise through a music barrel, this is a scrumptious effort for our ears. Lonesome Rhodes is fantastic on Bad News.

Click here to stream.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen