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Joe Bryson – She Don’t Really Miss Me: The Most Honest Pop Single You’ll Hear This Year

There are very few Pop artists who come right out and lay it all down on the line with their lyrics. But Joe Bryson is no average artist. At the age of just 18 years old the South Louisiana-based artist has been able to amass a significant following for his raw, candid and honest lyricism which is versed through organically talented vocals.

Any fans of Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson are sure to appreciate the concordantly smooth layers of sound which come together to create his standout single “She Don’t Really Miss Me”. There are no prizes for guessing what the track is about, and that’s part of the mesmeric beauty of Joe Bryson’s style. With vocals which are bordering on celestial and a simple yet effective instrumental arrangement paired with a polished production, there’s no reason you won’t be hearing plenty more of his radio-ready singles in the future.

You can check out Joe Bryson’s latest single She Don’t Really Miss Me for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tischa Kent – Faking: Cher Has Never Had Competition… Until Now

Oh God damn. There is no preparing you for the weight behind Tischa Kent’s vocal power in her latest track Faking. The lack of a prelude was a risky move, yet it irrefutably paid off. You’re left bruised by the pensive poignancy of the lyrics before the first verse even runs through. The stripped back EDM Pop beats set the perfect platform for the Canterbury, UK-based up and coming artist to lay down her heavy, yet soaring vocals. Yet, when the beat drops, it drops and bleeds synth reverb over Tischa Kent’s resounding harmonies. With a vocal style which sits in between London Grammar’s Hannah Reid and Cher it really is staggering that she’s still an unsigned artist. Someone give the girl a record deal.

You can be bowled over by Tischa Kent’s latest single Faking yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cole Lumpkin – Furious: The Soundtrack to Insanity

Feeling angsty? Cole Lumpkin’s new feverous track Furious offers a perfectly pacifying sound.

It’s impossible to exaggerate just how much passion the charismatic artist Cole Lumpkin has put behind this masterpiece of a track; from the intro you’re dragged along with the hook of sporadic chaos of the arrangements which have been orchestrated to perfection. Through the lyrics he captures his contempt so succinctly, it’s impossible not to get caught up in his enigmatic allure as he spits out his vocals with angelic resent.

Even after the 10th time of me listening to the track, I was transfixed on the dramatic uplifting composition of creativity. With influences such as Frank Zappa, Rush, Jethro Tull & Talking Heads, it’s no surprise that this sound is so painstakingly beautiful.

Furious is the latest track from the New York based experimental artist who offers contemporary lashings of Art Deco Pop, curtesy of his finely tuned percussion ensemble.

Head on over to YouTube to check out the official video, I can personally guarantee you won’t be disappointed in the sound that unravels with infinite melody.

Head on over to Cole Lumpkin’s website for more details on their upcoming tours and single release:


Nicholas Dante – Enemy: A Pop Act That Doesn’t Need to Be A Guilty Pleasure

Who doesn’t love a bit of deep & dirty Pop?

God knows there’s not much of it about these days, thankfully New York based Pop artist Nicholas Dante has mastered the art of generating pounding beats that just about everyone can get behind, wherever you are, in the club or in your car, the beat is infectious, and his expression is truly a pleasure to revel in.

Enemy is a synergetic synth pop mixed, bursting with basslines that make this track a cut above the rest, the perfect remedy for those winter blues, the drops in the track are almost surreal

You can taste the feverous passion behind his vocal delivery in his latest track, which has come off his brand-new album Echoic. Whilst his vocal range isn’t spectacular, and the lyrics aren’t that adventurous, Dante still managed to pull of a blinder of a track. He’s definitely achieved his mission of putting out music worth listening to by combining elements of 80’s Synth Pop with a contemporary resounding sound with dance elements.

Check out Enemy along with the rest of Dante’s tracks via the Soundcloud link below:


Accidental Allies Create The Perfect Union With Adorable Fever

What you really think Accidental Allies are all about depends upon which thread you pick at first. Start one end and they are a synth-pop act doing a spot of avant gardening, start somewhere else and they are an acoustic act building electronic platforms underneath deft, classical guitar lines. Others might think of them more as a dance band heading off into more progressive territory, or a soul band having embraced a futuristic vision of what the genre might become.

The reality is that they are all of those things or none of them, they might be a wide-ranging eclectic mix or a very singular roadmap towards their own musical destination. Not that it really matters, it is only when you try to write things down, to turn music into words that you come up against the limitations of language. Until they invent the right words to properly describe what is going on here you will just have to access their world via your ears and imagination. It is a world of interesting musical choices, mercurial stylistic blends, genre hopping and genre splicing, why would you try to capture that in word form?