A remarkable tribute to her Grandmother: Transylvania-born Simona-Valentina makes her proud with ‘Snowflakes Fall’

Painter, dancer, singer-songwriter and all-round role model, London-based Simona-Valentina sends an incredible tribute to her beloved Grandmother up above, as she unfortunately passed away recently. ‘Snowflakes Fall‘ is the stirring release that will  have a small tear stream down your cheek, as you admire her song for being so honest and kind.

Her stunning voice gives you shivers that goes all the way down your back and makes you sad and thoughtful, all at the same time. The genuine feeling she has for her family, the fond memories of being home in the mountains of Romania and seeing her Grandmother for the last time.

The memory is so vivid as you remember the snowflakes, the tasty treats, the hugs and all the wonderful memories. This is her way of saying thank you and also to heal inside her heart.

The experienced gained in the choir echos so poignantly here, her soulful energy and authenticity shines above like a rainbow after a long storm, where loss has been involved. The sadness is there but there is light too, the healing energy soothes your heart and makes you think of the good times.

Snowflakes Fall‘ from the London-based, Romanian-born singer-songwriter Simona-Valentina is a lovely song that is sung with such gratitude and a feeling of true love that is so rare these days. The story of remembering family that might not be visible but their love memory will always be with you, forever.

Stream this fabulous news single on her Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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