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A remarkable tribute to her Grandmother: Transylvania-born Simona-Valentina makes her proud with ‘Snowflakes Fall’

Painter, dancer, singer-songwriter and all-round role model, London-based Simona-Valentina sends an incredible tribute to her beloved Grandmother up above, as she unfortunately passed away recently. ‘Snowflakes Fall‘ is the stirring release that will  have a small tear stream down your cheek, as you admire her song for being so honest and kind.

Her stunning voice gives you shivers that goes all the way down your back and makes you sad and thoughtful, all at the same time. The genuine feeling she has for her family, the fond memories of being home in the mountains of Romania and seeing her Grandmother for the last time.

The memory is so vivid as you remember the snowflakes, the tasty treats, the hugs and all the wonderful memories. This is her way of saying thank you and also to heal inside her heart.

The experienced gained in the choir echos so poignantly here, her soulful energy and authenticity shines above like a rainbow after a long storm, where loss has been involved. The sadness is there but there is light too, the healing energy soothes your heart and makes you think of the good times.

Snowflakes Fall‘ from the London-based, Romanian-born singer-songwriter Simona-Valentina is a lovely song that is sung with such gratitude and a feeling of true love that is so rare these days. The story of remembering family that might not be visible but their love memory will always be with you, forever.

Stream this fabulous news single on her Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lindsay Brazell stands up for the ladies with defiant ”Placeholder”

Lindsay Brazell is one inspiring woman. This fantastic Indie-Folk artist from Simpsonville in South Carolina, is back with her new song called ”Placeholder”. This is a statement song with a beautiful melody and a real message for both young and old.

Currently doing online music lessons while schools are closed up, Lindsay is certainly keeping herself busy right now. The Music educator/singer-songwriter and blogger, has released ”Placeholder” to the world and it’s a defiant message that no woman should be messed around with and played. Feeling used after being cheated on is a horrible feeling and you can hear the frustration in Lindsay’s voice. Her message is that this shouldn’t happen to any woman in the world while drawing in previous experiences to express herself eloquently.

With a soothing voice, thought out lyrics with meaning and soul, Lindsay Brazell’sPlaceholder” deserves a place in our hearts and ears. This is a beautifully crafted song that has a message that is needed in today’s society of quick love and being force-fed bad role models. Lindsay Brazell is the type of woman and inspiring energy that that kids need to be listening to during lunch breaks.

Stream more from this multi-talented singer-songwriter on SoundCloud.

Review by Llewelyn Screen


Joe Layne – The End: Soberingly Pensive Alt Acoustic Folk

With his latest single “the End” up and coming singer-songwriter Joe Layne created an arrestingly melodic rendition of acoustic alternative folk which won’t fail to leave you sobered.

Joe’s expressively raw vocals sat perfectly against the Americana-inspired bluesy rhythm of the instrumentals. The melodies comprised of tentatively resounding piano notes against acoustic and electric guitar. The intricacy of the multi-layered beat packed in influences from the likes of the Beatles and Radiohead, yet, instrumentally soundscape is as pioneeringly original as it gets.

No amount of flowery words could ever encapsulate the raw, pensive emotivity of the End. Whilst it would be easy to compare Joe Layne’s vocal style against the likes of Tom Waits, Elliot Smith, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Buckley that in no way celebrates his quaintly authentic reinvention of the soulful sound. On top of that you have the weighted, absolutist lyrics which I’m pretty sure contain a piece of Joe Layne’s soul.

You can check out the End for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast