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Bring The Party: ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE drops from the sky to sends us into a new galaxy with an enlightning interview

Teaching us much about the music scene, fearless self-taught artist/sound engineer ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE tells us all about his hot new party-all-night new single Earthquake and about life as a Canadian musician plus an in-depth look into what his ideal Maserati looks like while kindly letting us ride shotgun with him.

Llewelyn: Thanks so much for joining us ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE as we appreciate you taking the time. Firstly, what is your ideal night out and who is joining you?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Hi, thank you very much for having me. It’s an honor to have a chance to be interviewed by such a respected music blog as yourselves. My ideal night out would definitely have to be hitting a club or bar downtown with my people and having many drinks. I love seeing where the night takes us and being able to create great memories to inspire future music. If I’m not going out, I love spending long nights in the studio creating music. That’s where I truly find inner peace.

Llewelyn: Let’s chat about your latest sizzler. Earthquake might have stunned our speakers awake and we like it a lot. What was the vision behind the track and please tell us who was involved in the creation.

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Very glad to hear that you guys loved it. I appreciate the kind words. When talking about the vision of this song, it starts with me and my brother from Nigeria, Pupa Tee. Now with this being our third release together, we knew we had to make it as good as our first two. I had asked him if he wanted to try something smoother this time since our last two were party songs. However, he insisted that we should keep the party going even stronger. That’s when I knew that I had to make something harder than we ever have so far. This is what inspired me to write the first two lines of the song as soon as I heard the beat; “So they say they wanna party, so you know I’ll bring the party,” & the rest of it kind of just followed effortlessly.

I am fortunate to be able to work alongside such a talented artist as Pupa Tee because he’s always able to match my energy on whatever curve ball I throw his way. I had asked him to find another artist that would be able to do the same cause I figured this song needed a third artist to make it even more compelling. This is when he brought on his friend Rhaffy who usually sticks to his producing / sound engineering side. However this time, Rhaffy clearly demonstrated how effortless it is for him to sing and flow just as well. This is how it all came together and we genuinely hope it can light up the summer for everyone.

Llewelyn: What is your favourite kind of Maserati and what colour is it? Also, would you let us ride shotgun with you (even for a little while)?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Hahaha, I’d definitely let you guys ride shotgun any time you’d like. If I’m lucky maybe our next interview can take place inside a Maserati. The funny part of the Maserati lyric in the song, is that Maserati isn’t even my favourite sports car. A Rolls Royce would probably have to be. The lyric was supposed to represent that as two girls are fighting over me, like the historic battles between Ford and Ferrari, that I had already moved on to another girl. I’m not a fan of drama. However, if I was fortunate enough to own a Maserati, I would definitely black out the entire car and rims.

Llewelyn: Montreal, Canada is your home. What is the local music scene like at the moment and where are the best spots to find the next great artists who are on the rise?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Montreal is actually so culturally diverse, which is one of my favourite parts of living here. You have food, music & art from all around the world at your disposal at any time. There are so many talented artists in the city, many of which I’m lucky to call friends. If you’re looking to find upcoming artists, the best way is to go downtown and there are many bars and clubs that host live shows and you’ll surely find some dope artists that are still under the radar.

Llewelyn: You love making midnight songs. Is that who you make music for? Those who love to live a little and get away from real life for a few hours?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Yes, I describe my sound as midnight music. The reason behind the name is because every chance I get, I’m usually awake till 5-6 am in the studio. It’s when the world is the quietest and I can feel the most. I like to keep my music as realistic as possible & I believe the listener can tell if you’re faking it. So if I’m trying to make music for those who love the nightlife then I have to ensure that I’m making music at night time. I believe my sound carries a darkness to it and I can credit the smooth feelings I feel at night as the reason behind it.

Llewelyn: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received in life and has there been a specific moment when you…that is actually so true?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: Wow, that’s a tough question. I have definitely been fortunate enough to have many mentors outside of the music industry and trying to narrow one down isn’t easy. Off the top of my head, I remember hearing that being grateful is the key to happiness and long-term success. The more I stopped looking at what I don’t have and started appreciating what I do have, each day became easier to live. I truly believe that if you take the time to be grateful each day, for even the smallest things, it helps you stay grounded and allows you to focus on moving towards a positive direction instead of dwelling on the things that aren’t going as well. We all are struggling, some worse than others, but instead of looking at things we can’t control, we can take a step forward each day to focus on bettering ourselves and our surroundings through the things that we actually have control of, such as being grateful.

Llewelyn: Last question. What is the end goal? Where do you want to be in 5 years and do you see your sound changing at all?

ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE: My true end goal is to find happiness. I believe that is what we are all searching for. Making music every day truly allows me to feel inner peace and takes me one step closer to that goal every day. I truly just want to make enough money off of my music to be able to do it for a living. I also want to touch as many people around the globe as possible and allow them to feel the feelings I feel while creating the music. My sound is always growing since I started making music and whichever direction my sound takes me in the future, my goal is just to stay true to myself and maintain that ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE sound that I’ve always had.

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Interviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Another Day: Cork electro-punk act Stuck on Repeat vanquishes those pesky problems behind on ‘Dream’

Engaging our cumbersome bodies to go and take us into a whole new environment away from mundane problems we are smothering inside, Stuck on Repeat transport us to a place that is full of joy and lots of attractions via their new single ‘Dance‘.

Stuck on Repeat is a Cork, Ireland-based electro-punk act that makes that dance-all-night type of vibe that has your whole body drenched in sticky sweat, just thinking about the night’s possible ventures.

Stuck on Repeat creates irrepressibly catchy electronic music, designed to make people dance. His style combines “kick you in the chest” drums with synth lines so filthy, they’re almost indecent, and catchy hooks that put Captain Ahab to shame.” ~ Stuck on Repeat

You feel her astonishing vocals take you to a completely new planet, as those eyes close and transport you to this bass-pumping dance floor that allows normal people to feel like superstars. The electric vibration from this gravitating and brilliant beat seems to lift you away from the dull doom awaiting the world outside – as you can actually fly now to a better illusion – to somewhere idyllic where there are no taxes and boring days, just perfection awaiting you as you let that perspiring body do whatever comes naturally.

Dance‘ from the compelling Cork, Ireland-based electro-punk act Stuck on Repeat, is a party-all-night gem that needs to be played loud and proud. Emphasizing the need for a rampantly arousing and speaker-shaking energy to take over after the cold gloom of before, this is an engrossing encounter that grabs you close, and kisses you back into first-rate form again.

Hear this rip-roaring track that will have you in a happy mood via Spotify and support their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Having Fun: Tyrel Ross feels his heart racing with excitement on his sexy new single ‘This Girl Is Hot’

With a spring in his step and a smile so wide you can see it all across town, Tyrel Ross feels the passion flowing all over his body as he get the crew together and shows her that he is serious about having fun tonight with only her on ‘This Girl Is Hot‘.

Tyrel Ross is a Trinidad and Tobago indie-pop/RnB artist based in New York. After starting to perform live when he was just thirteen years young, the stage has been his home ever since. He is only interested in evolving his sound through charm-filled vocals and honest lyrics, which make the ladies swoon in delight.

Always a lover of music, he joined his high school music band where he got his first taste of performing live on stage.” ~ Tyrel Ross

This is the story of your eyes locking closely when you see each other again, as your tender lips move sensually together, and you know that things are about to get hot in the room. The lyrics are to the point and the party-stacked beat only adds to the excitement – on this extremely body-bouncing new release – which has your toes tapping and the drinks flowing.

This Girl Is Hot‘ from the Trinidad and Tobago musician Tyrel Ross, shows us his massive crush on that girl who he saw at the carnival before. Thanks to his good friend convincing him, he decided to go and see her and from there, the party started and the water dripped all over the champagne-soaked club.

This is a steamy late-night track that certainly has your pulse quickening, as you get involved into the party on this highly likable single.

Watch this water-filled music video that will have your heart beating on YouTube and see more on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Right Now: Nigerian rapper Oscar The THOG drops new single ‘Bounce’ (ft. Don Pietro)

With an African party vibe that certainly has you listening closer in absolute fascination, Oscar The THOG drops that late-night after-the-party new single called ‘Bounce(ft. Don Pietro).

Onwe Oscar aka Oscar The THOG is a Enugu, Nigeria-based trap artist. He is young in the game and still finding his way, experimenting with different styles for the time being, while he finds the treasure-filled road he wants to rap down.

Bounce is a trap song in its basic elements. With a touch of EDM and lively dance vibes to it which make you want to jump up and make that booty bounce.” – Oscar The THOG

His style is super confident as he tells her exactly what he wants and right now, his mind is made up as the heart is beating so fast and doesn’t ever want the night to end. The raps are intensely thrown down and this is a new school quick-fire rap track, that gets to the point quickly.

Bounce(ft. Don Pietro) from the Nigerian trap rapper Oscar The THOG, shows us a lights-off moment when you are with that special person in your life. This is a strictly 18+ track with a mature audience sticker attached – as we are introduced to a new artist who flows in with a very self-assured attitude – that is easy to spot as he makes his name known to all trap fans.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and check out his IG music page for more blazing visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tell Me What You See: Tremendous Tanzanian artist Brian Simba effortlessly dims the lights on ‘Temptation’ (ft. The Only1Pabo)

With the cool shades on to keep the mood real intimate, Brian Simba gets us in the mood to find our lover on the sensual new single that will have you breathless called ‘Temptation(ft. The Only1Pabo).

Uncle Guni aka Brian Simba, is a confident East African artist who is based in the busy streets of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. He smartly makes that party music which has you feeling fresh and ready to meet that special person in your life.

This is the bodily-attracted story of knowing what you want and keeping things real chilled, without any extra effort to mess things up. You fondly look into each others eyes and the feeling is definitely mutual – you smile broadly and the fuse is lit so bright – just like fireworks on New Years Eve night.

The smooth class here is supremely suggestive – as the reminiscent thoughts flow so deeply into your mind – as you remember that incredible person who makes your heart beat a couple of times extra fast, like a speedy Olympic sprinter.

Temptation(ft. The Only1Pabo) from the thrillingly focused Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania artist Brian Simba, widely opens up the door to what is possible in this world if you let it happen the right way. This is a late-night cruise track that will have you a bit out of breath, as it heats up the windows and you has you turning the volume right up.

See this steamy music video on YouTube and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pandemonium for our bodies to savor: Alexander Paris does it his way on the color-filled party tune ‘Neon’

Alexander Paris shines his light bright with a torch-lit thunderbolt to wake up those sleepy senses that have been awaiting quality dance music on his new single ‘Neon‘.

Indie-dance creative producer wizard Alexander Paris is a man who makes music that is fun to the listener and uplifts your mood to unimaginable heights of pure bliss. He has that inner enjoyment of life entrenched inside his bones and you can feel his unmistakable energy while engrossing yourself in his sensational creation.

Our ears will grunge and your soul will rave- Alexander Paris

This is the vivid party story of wanting to feel so free on that slippery night club floor with so many flashing lights and sweaty bodies, as you dance like your life depended on it. This is the wild night where you make best friends for that one evening, hugging and shouting excited noises at each other, while you jump around until your feet can’t take it anymore. This is the best feeling imaginable and one where you feel exhausted the next day but is a time you know you enjoyed, even if it might be a bit hazy the next day.

The beat only gets better and better as the song builds like a free climber up a monstrous mountain, you think you have found the cliff and then you see more. His voice is so full of belief and he feels that this where he belongs-inside the music and with fellow like-minded souls that just want to dance and forget their worries for one night.

Neon‘ from Alexander Paris is an illuminating dance entry that is exactly the type of song that we need to skip back into step and find our groove again. Living for that dance floor pandemonium is one way to stay alive, deep inside your soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Partying all night with new friends: The Charlie Kulis Band remind us of fun times with ‘Hotel Room’

They start the party right away will little warning. This is a band that likes to make their impression right away as they know what they want. The vocals are passionately sung and with the sweaty crowd in mind as they are true entertainers, and like to make their fans smile. New York based Americana/Country outfit The Charlie Kulis Band back the early talk up with a storming performance on their new dance floor hit, ‘Hotel Room‘.

With vividly described vocals that tell you story rather quickly, its sung with an end goal in mind and that is to be the life of the party. The band join in the fun and lift up the splintered spirits that have been locked inside for way too long. Their exciting energy is all about the party and getting the girls back to your room after the music is over. This is an ode to pre-covid days when life was much more simple, and humans could party all night without having to worry about too much.

The drinks and dancing is flowing on this one and hotel security are going to have a busy night as these musicians mean business. The New York lifestyle shines through here as this is the City that does not sleep usually. With so much to do, this is a common occurrence and the Americana style of the band is a thoroughly enjoyable listen that will put a smile on your dial.

The Charlie Kulis Band from New York have their game plan ready on ‘Hotel Room‘ as open the doors to living life that will be back again, before we know it.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Carrión – Never Let Me Go: The Future Pop Hit Your Summer Playlists Have Been Waiting For

Artist and producer Carrión has followed on from the success of their debut single with the release of their soulfully high-vibe single “Never Let Me Go”.

By pairing anthemically electric House beats with resoundingly evocative female vocals, you get to feel every ounce of emotion which was projected into the deftly orchestrated mix.

The entrancing feat of Future Pop is exactly what you’d want to hear a poolside DJ in Ibiza spinning. The Swedish-based producer may be relatively fresh from their inception, but clearly, they have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Avicii, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris and Tiesto. Get him on your radar.

You can check out Never Let Me Go for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Steve Empire dreams of a good life on Hip House track ”Suburbia Moonshine Avenue”

Steve Empire is a dynamic singer-songwriter and DJ from Rome in beautiful Italy. Now based in London in England, Steve returns with his brand new mellow Hip House track called ”Suburbia Moonshine Avenue”. This is a fantastic song and adds a layer of chilled vibes for all occasions.

Steve imagined a beautiful city and neighborhood full of young people partying, dancing, singing and living life. Just like paradise and the lost boys in Never-land while creating this track. He also never meant for this song to be the way it ended up either which makes for a great story. Suburbia and Moonshine Avenue were two separate songs but for some reason, it worked. Such is life.

Suburbia Moonshine Avenue” from Steve Empire is perfect for those hot summer days while chilling with friends. This is a fun song that will relaxed you and to be enjoyed by all- young and old.

Stream this extended track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canada’s Stigmada trances through with deep tech ”Are These Those Chords Vol 2”

With an euphoric beat, no vocals and awe-inspiring samples that make you feel like you are flying in the sky, this is a stunning release for 2020. I feel free and have no worries as I’m carried through a crowd of people as we all unsocial distance. This is a dream for now but I feel a good vibe and this puts me in the summer mood.

Canada’s Stigmada is a young 22 year old producer who is wise beyond his years. He has a funky style about him and I enjoy listening to his beats. This is a young guy who is on his way up the ranks. ”Are These Those Chords Vol 2” is a happy track and should be belted out loud in the speakers and cars all over the world. If he can push hard there is no question we could see him on some big stages too. Look out for more progressive tech house tracks from this newcomer and he has all the potential in the world.

Stream more from this new trance house producer from Canada on his Soundcloud channel to join his journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen