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Carrión – Never Let Me Go: The Future Pop Hit Your Summer Playlists Have Been Waiting For

Artist and producer Carrión has followed on from the success of their debut single with the release of their soulfully high-vibe single “Never Let Me Go”.

By pairing anthemically electric House beats with resoundingly evocative female vocals, you get to feel every ounce of emotion which was projected into the deftly orchestrated mix.

The entrancing feat of Future Pop is exactly what you’d want to hear a poolside DJ in Ibiza spinning. The Swedish-based producer may be relatively fresh from their inception, but clearly, they have what it takes to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Avicii, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris and Tiesto. Get him on your radar.

You can check out Never Let Me Go for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Steve Empire dreams of a good life on Hip House track ”Suburbia Moonshine Avenue”

Steve Empire is a dynamic singer-songwriter and DJ from Rome in beautiful Italy. Now based in London in England, Steve returns with his brand new mellow Hip House track called ”Suburbia Moonshine Avenue”. This is a fantastic song and adds a layer of chilled vibes for all occasions.

Steve imagined a beautiful city and neighborhood full of young people partying, dancing, singing and living life. Just like paradise and the lost boys in Never-land while creating this track. He also never meant for this song to be the way it ended up either which makes for a great story. Suburbia and Moonshine Avenue were two separate songs but for some reason, it worked. Such is life.

Suburbia Moonshine Avenue” from Steve Empire is perfect for those hot summer days while chilling with friends. This is a fun song that will relaxed you and to be enjoyed by all- young and old.

Stream this extended track right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Canada’s Stigmada trances through with deep tech ”Are These Those Chords Vol 2”

With an euphoric beat, no vocals and awe-inspiring samples that make you feel like you are flying in the sky, this is a stunning release for 2020. I feel free and have no worries as I’m carried through a crowd of people as we all unsocial distance. This is a dream for now but I feel a good vibe and this puts me in the summer mood.

Canada’s Stigmada is a young 22 year old producer who is wise beyond his years. He has a funky style about him and I enjoy listening to his beats. This is a young guy who is on his way up the ranks. ”Are These Those Chords Vol 2” is a happy track and should be belted out loud in the speakers and cars all over the world. If he can push hard there is no question we could see him on some big stages too. Look out for more progressive tech house tracks from this newcomer and he has all the potential in the world.

Stream more from this new trance house producer from Canada on his Soundcloud channel to join his journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Supernature reminds us to stay calm and be ”Beautiful Together”

UK Dance crew, Supernature are back with new music and it’s an absolute banger. They remind us to stay positive, get the mates together and just dance. In a world that is itching to get back to the parties, this is a taste of things to come.

Beautiful Together” is a dance inspired track released at exactly the right time. The group have lots of different styles including 80’s vocals, trance, tech-house and this follows the groups improving sound.

Supernature have powered through despite the current world climate to remind us that there is light at the end of the dark & bleak tunnel of madness aka 2020. This is an inspiring single with a call to join the party, the build up of the trance house style, followed up with a full go of party music that just wants to you to dance along. This is a refreshing song that should find much success with a hungry audience, bursting to get into their favorite haunts again. ”Beautiful Together” is a reminder that everything is going to be okay.

Stream this exciting Dance act from the UK on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Free-thinker Palma Ada returns with funky Party Pop ‘’Straight Lines’’

My Mama said my first steps I took to get away, gotta know how things are made. ‘Palma Ada’ doesn’t conform to normal ways of thinking. Her website attests to that. Ada likes to do things differently and not be put into any box. For this, you have to respect her vision and she comes out swinging with her new Party/Pop single ‘’Straight Lines’’. With a cat purring in the background, this song is definitely not kitty litter.

A relatively new artist, who seems to enjoy the private life and for people not to know where she is from. After only being a published musician for 2 years, Alda has a powerful voice and her vibe reminds me of Jesse Reyez for some reason.

 ‘’Straight Lines’’ is the lead single from her debut EP of the same name. This style will win her many fans and let’s hope she can stay on the straight & narrow and not get caught up in the tempting ways of the music business.

This is the follow up to her dance infused ‘’Sister’’ from 2018 and the difference is quite striking. The standard has improved dramatically and she is definitely going in the right direction now. Palma suits this style of music as she can use her strong voice and honest lyrics to win fans over. She is also very honest and just wants to show us that you don’t have to fit a normal style to be successful.

Listen to Palma’s whole collection here on her Spotify account.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


8udDha bl0od – 83n5 I00P – Relax your mind and float downstream…

This song is a party, psychedelic trip into your senses, filled with various instruments and low-fi frequencies. Nothing sounds organised, like chaos has been planted on shifting sands, with an efficiency that’s deliberately broken by peculiarities.

Imagine thinking you’ve got it, nothing can surprise you, and then they find a way! At one point, there’s a loud guitar, amped up so you’re called to attention for no particular reason, and later there is a moment where the record seems to jump so everything can return at an increased volume.

This song’s strength is that it finds a way to appeal to my rock sensibilities while still belonging, unmistakeably, to the psychedelic genre.

Close your eyes, dreamers, and take a trip with 8udDha bl0od

Facebook / Soundcloud / Instagram

Review by Lisa Knight


Milani Valentine Releases Her Second Sun-Kissed Single Good Vibes Only

Up and coming Hip Hop artist Milani Valentine has recently dropped her second Reggae R&B Hip Hop single “Good Vibes Only”.

The grips of winter are almost upon us, but sun-kissed reggae-soaked Hip Hop is never out of season. Good Vibes Only is a high vibe track which contains plenty of vibrant rhythm and does exactly what it says on the tin. But through the slightly rough production quality which created a slightly tinny polyphonic sound and the lack of depth in the lyrics, it was hard to let those vibes resonate effectively.

With that said, feel-good music which serves to bring people together under the tune of euphoria is absolutely essential. With the right production and inspiring lyricism which pours out from the soul, Milani Valentine would be unstoppable.

You can check out Milani Valentine’s single Good Vibes Only for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

For more info, head over to the artist’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Captain Fantastic And The Wonder Crew Is The Ultimate Children’s Party Music Album!

Captain Fantastic and the Wonder Crew  is a children’s party music album. An 11 track album that is filled with lighthearted, good fun throughout, Captain Fantastic gives your children a great set of tunes that is sure to evoke their imaginations and get them moving!

It is well documented how beneficial singing and sensory functions are when it comes to child development, and Captain Fantastic and the Wonder Crew can go a long way in helping your children be happy and healthy. Playing Captain Fantastic and the Wonder Crew at your kid’s parties will not only give the party a new life, but will create some incredible memories that your children will never forget. Captain Fantastic and the Wonder Crew can simply be described as “the ultimate children’s party music album”.


Edgar Crespo walks the perfect line

Just how do you get ahead of the competition in the mainstream electro, dance, pop market? That’s the trick isn’t it? Pitch a sound and a style that is too radical, too out there and whilst you will pick up a few new fans from the fringes and underground scenes, you risk loosing the main target audience. Create a sound which is too similar to the centre of the fashion curve and you risk being lost in the noise of the competition, or worse brandished a copycat act trading on a sound already associate with more established artists.

That’s the clever thing about Edgar Crespo, he understands the balance between the tried and test and new, between the comfort zone and the exploratory high and Let’s Go is proof of that fact. Smooth and soulful, built on R&B grooves and hypnotic rhythms it also moves the genre forward brilliantly. It will resonate with the early hours club dance floor set as much as the after party chill out, it is music for the late night drive and perfect for setting a chilled vibe around the house. It ticks boxes in any number of genres from dance to pop to modern soul to R&B, very soon this song is going to be everywhere.


Leo Jr Forges New Rap Paths

I guess the question that this short collection of music asks us is this….where next for the seemingly tried and tested format of contemporary rap? And without deviating too far from the recognisable traits of the genres contemporary and commercial pastures…smooth, beat driven soulful melodies…Leo Jr. still manages to find some interesting new places to explore.

And whilst Down Under clearly has one foot planted in the traditions of rap music, right down to the defensive lyrical stance and the confident, scatter gun vocal deliveries, it is where he places his other foot that moves the genre forward. R&B grooves are also prevalent and there is enough pop sensibility that the song walks a fine line between edginess and mass appeal.

One of the aspects of our non-tribal, post-genre musical world, is that as the various barriers have been kicked down, as rules and traditions have been abandoned, the more commercial has been allowed to merge with the underground, or more importantly a whole generation of musician has grown up not even knowing that those restrictions even existed. This is their time, this is their music.