East Memphis-based Hip hop artist Saucelord shows us his frustration with the aimless on ‘Da Grinch’

Waving his green bandana high and showing the locals that there is a new King in town, Saucelord is tired of those who talk lots but do very little action-wise on his new single about taking over for a while on ‘Da Grinch‘.

Saucelord is an Olive Branch, Mississippi-born, East Memphis-based indie Hip hop solo artist who after tragically losing his Father back in 2015 has dedicated his energies to being the best version of himself possible.

After being locked up in 2011 he vowed to himself that he would take his music serious and provide for his family.” ~ Saucelord

As he backs himself and turns all the previous challenges into life lessons that have made him wiser, Saucelord stirs the speakers to optimum effect on this new music video which shows us that he is driving the narrative now. We find a rapper in peak form – who is only taking those who endorse him to the promised land – while leaving the haters behind to smell the exhaust fumes.

Da Grinch‘ from Olive Branch, Mississippi-born, East Memphis-based indie Hip hop solo artist Saucelord, is a bass-boosting single that has been rapped with street-loaded energy which lets you know that this is a hungry artist who is tired of big-talkers. With his team behind him and a rugged style smoking through the windows, this is a late-night track to fully embrace as we are taken for a ride by an underground artist on the rise.

Check out this club single on YouTube and see what he gets up to socially on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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