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East Memphis-based Hip hop artist Saucelord shows us his frustration with the aimless on ‘Da Grinch’

Waving his green bandana high and showing the locals that there is a new King in town, Saucelord is tired of those who talk lots but do very little action-wise on his new single about taking over for a while on ‘Da Grinch‘.

Saucelord is an Olive Branch, Mississippi-born, East Memphis-based indie Hip hop solo artist who after tragically losing his Father back in 2015 has dedicated his energies to being the best version of himself possible.

After being locked up in 2011 he vowed to himself that he would take his music serious and provide for his family.” ~ Saucelord

As he backs himself and turns all the previous challenges into life lessons that have made him wiser, Saucelord stirs the speakers to optimum effect on this new music video which shows us that he is driving the narrative now. We find a rapper in peak form – who is only taking those who endorse him to the promised land – while leaving the haters behind to smell the exhaust fumes.

Da Grinch‘ from Olive Branch, Mississippi-born, East Memphis-based indie Hip hop solo artist Saucelord, is a bass-boosting single that has been rapped with street-loaded energy which lets you know that this is a hungry artist who is tired of big-talkers. With his team behind him and a rugged style smoking through the windows, this is a late-night track to fully embrace as we are taken for a ride by an underground artist on the rise.

Check out this club single on YouTube and see what he gets up to socially on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All I Was Missing Was Patience: Athena tha Goddess shows us her lane on ‘Empath’ (feat. Lo’Getem)

Taken off her hot nine-track album ‘House Dues Volume 1′, Athena tha Goddess drops more paper-making treasure-filled music for the fresh party to lap up deliciously called ‘Empath(feat. Lo’Getem).

Athena tha Goddess is an extremely courageous and highly talented Meridian, Mississippi-born indie hip-hop artist/singer and pole entertainer. She is a street-smart woman with that rare fire inside her sparkling eyes, which has her comfortably reaching to the stars and never looking back to the past.

Ever since I was a kid I dreamt of becoming a performer. Most kids wanted to be teachers or doctors and I wanted to be like Fergie.” ~ Athena tha Goddess

This is the exhilarating story of making it clear that she is in her own lane right now and isn’t interested in any bad vibes, as she brushes off the small-mindedness who foolishly try and put her down.

Her raps are highly impressive as she mixes in singing too – which gives a taste of her all-round talents – as he roams on the mic so freely as she knows exactly where she is headed in life.

Featuring the smooth sunglasses and riveting rhymes of Atlanta producer/emcee/youth football champion Lo’Getem, this is a powerful track filled with champagne and the 420-heated proceedings, certainly steams up the windows in delight.

I called my mom out for abandoning me and my brother for drugs. A lot of my family loved it and some didn’t.” ~ Athena tha Goddess

Empath(feat. Lo’Getem) from the hugely entertaining Meridian, Mississippi-born rapper and skilled pole dancer Athena tha Goddess, is the ultimate wake up and hustle anthem that she loves to show the world. Her free-spirited nature and massive creativity only seems to grow, as she truly believes that she can be anyone that she wants. On a track with so much scrumptious energy and that extra tasty strain only she possesses, this is a quality track which shows us her new-found patience in this fickle game.

See this fresh new music video on YouTube and find out how her career progress on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gotta Take Care Of You: Soulful Mississippi singer Tarah Jaye reminds us that to be truly content you need to ‘Love Yourself’

Powered by her own Lyfe Artistry Productions, Tarah Jaye sings with so much pure intention and body-warming grace, on her stunning new single that urges us to look deeper despite the self-doubts, so that we may ‘Love Yourself‘.

Tarah Mannery aka Tarah Jaye, is an inspiring RnB/soul singer-songwriter, Jackson State University graduate, composer, arranger and music producer from Jackson, Mississippi.

After being in a successful band before with her ex-husband, she has wonderfully reinvented herself as a solo artist, and continues to sparkle and beam a bright light of inspiration to us all. This is a fighter you see, who has defied the odds to continue her career, when many thought she was finished forever.

A new marriage and the death of her father were the new chapters in Tarah Jaye’s life that catapulted her music to new levels. Many times, she wasn’t taken seriously and got turned down when she asked others to sing on her tracks. With the overwhelming encouragement and support from her new husband, she decided to just try to sing them herself and realized a voice existed underneath.” ~ Tarah Jaye

With her upcoming album ‘Love, Loss, and Liberty‘ on the way, this is a delicious taster that has your fragile soul feeling so much happier again. She sings with so much uplifting care and gorgeous elegance, and the soothing beat is such a welcoming light away from the cold darkness.

Love Yourself‘ from the superb Mississippi-based RnB/soul singer-songwriter and music producer Tarah Jaye, is a take-a-deep-breath-and-heal-with-me type of single, which urges us is to remember that you do need to take care of yourself. There will be sad heartbreak and distracting holes in the road which could take you under – but if you have the inner strength within – you can rise above all choppy waters. Love is all we really need.

Hear her lovely new single on Soundcloud and see her adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Looking for that second chance: Mississippi’s Lxyne misses that special soul who made him feel alive on ‘Caught Up’

Missing that deep love he really craves to be truly happy again, Lxyne is sensational on his new single called ‘Caught Up‘.

Lxyne is a Lucedale, Mississippi, USA-based r&b/hip artist who formulates that contemplative music, which sparks your mind on and has you unraveling those emotions that are holding you back in life.

This is the chronicle about a past relationship that was so strong and made you alive, despite the ups and downs that occurred during the exhilarating journey. They were there for you when no one else was and you appreciate that so much. Things then got twisted but you are past that now and just want to move on from what kept you apart, to be happy again and start fresh, side by side.

His striking voice sparks your attention as the sumptuous beat has you hooked instantly, you fall for the mellow ride and lock into the story as you recall when this happened to you. Most of the time the second chance either didn’t happen at all or work out, you hope that this one will be different as if two souls connect so tight, surely that bond can never be broken.

Caught Up‘ from Mississippi hip-hop/r&b artist Lxyne, is a thoughtful song about that person that you really want to be with, as you delve into the past and hope that you can be together again. With a loving tone, you feel that he will take his time to build the bond strong again, his soothing voice illuminating from the top of the mountain, as he sings with so much meaning.

Hear this top track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The tough get going: Brett Weller runs through the walls of his past on ‘Marathon’

Brett Weller is done with the sprints around his mind and is ready to take on the ‘Marathon‘ of life on this soul-stirring new single.

Usually a blues, rock and funk artist, the humble family man Louisiana/Mississippi border-born and now Charleston, South Carolina-based indie artist Brett Weller, brings us more of an uplifting electronic rock and synth pop vibe for this inspirational track, to awaken your senses.

This is the poignant story of how you need to lace your own shoes in life, take responsibly for your actions and retrain your mind to prevent past struggles from cropping up again- so you can run head first towards the future. Your own mind is the blockage from spreading goodness in this world and if you can fix your own pipes, you can stream free and be happy inside the deepest part of your soul.

His voice is so joyful and he sings with such freedom and passion that fills your speakers with hope. We have all felt like we could do with some hope sometimes to push us in the right direction and this feels like one of these moments. The production matches this musicians goals as they blend his voice with stunning soundscapes of grace and spiritually-positive enlightenment.

Marathon‘ from South Carolina indie artist Brett Weller is a real spirit-guiding track that shows us that we can rise up, show strength for those we care about and run through the ashes of our past life. You can’t change what happened before but you can make your future better by being self-disciplined and by believing in yourself, you immediately open the door for good things to happen.

The tough ones that want it the most, usually win after all.

Hear this promising single with plenty of real meaning on Soundcloud and see more of his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Doin’ it the right way: BoMuney drops promising debut single ‘My Style’ (Prod. By Holly)

BoMuney has just dropped his exciting debut single called ‘My Style‘, which is a fine song from the determined young US emcee as he shows us what life is really like right now in this crazy world.

New Albany, Mississippi artist Jabo Mosley aka BoMuney, is a charismatic underground Hip-Hop artist with a deep love for his craft and raps with a legit style that makes you groove with him word by word. He has a smooth lyrical delivery that throws the post at all of the competition with a groovy beat and positive lyrics, that shows the youth you can make something of yourself if you have a plan and work hard.

He raps about how he had to leave school and did the smart thing by getting a trade. From there he started getting paid and likes being able to pay rent and help his family out. This is a man that hasn’t taken the easy way out and resorted to crime as he knows its not right, no matter how much short-term benefits it could have- until those blue lights start flashing and everything changes forever. He is playing the smart long-term game and building up his work opportunities with music of course- a major passion of his that has been building inside his veins.

The flow is intriguing as his stories of work and life wrap into your heart as you remember how tough things are at the moment and how you are also working hard to keep those lights on. Things seem effortless when you turn him up and the beat is perfect for his rap style, never too much and always on point.

My Style‘ from New Albany, Mississippi rapper BoMuney is a statement of intent to the world that he is ready to take the next step in his music career. With a likable style, skills on the mic and charm for days, he shows that you can work hard and do what you love too.

In a world full of doom and gloom, he is going through the rip current and finding his way to shore. Life can be challenging but if you have the right mindset, you can achieve your dreams no matter what the world is doing,

Hear this top new single on Soundcloud and see his fresh style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Appreciating the independent ladies in the world: Young Fam (feat. Acire Kane) drop catchy Hip-Hop track ‘Yea Yea Yea’

Young Fam (feat. Acire Kane) lift the mood and bring us an exciting Hip-Hop track to bounce to on ‘Yea Yea Yea‘.

Talented Byhalia, Mississippi rapper and entrepreneur Young Fam, teams up with polished rapper, comedian and model from South Memphis, Tennessee Acire Kane on their brand new music video that makes you forget about all your worries and gets you focusing on doing what you need to do, in order to succeed in life.

These two clearly make a good team and complement each others skill sets perfectly with a top beat that spreads good vibes into a world that needs as much of it as possible.

The straight up lyrics let you know exactly what is going down here. This is about appreciating your woman and man for what they do and how to make each other feel. Trust and motivation to make each other happy is the only way forward for a hot night without unnecessary stress.

With both of these rappers going at the bars hard and not leaving anything on the table, this is an enthralling single to fully immerse yourself into as you go for a ride with both of them- via a sensual beat and a chorus that will be stuck in your head all day.

Yea Yea Yea‘ from Young Fam (feat. Acire Kane) is a fun Hip-Hop track full of catchy lyrics and honest energy about how you appreciate people that have their own hustle going on.

To be with someone that isn’t relying on you for money is such a pressure release off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you gotta do concentrate on making that paper. To be in a strong relationship that is unbreakable, you both need to be on the same vibe after all.

See this vibrant video on YouTube and check out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scott Albert Johnson offers an invitation to transcend the 2020 chaos with their Americana Alt Folk single ‘Float’

Mississippi-hailing artist Scott Albert Johnson lays down old school bluesy soul in their latest single ‘Float’ which unfolds as a timelessly cathartic feat of Alt Folk Americana. I’ll never quite get used to hearing Covid times references in a track which sounds like Cohen could have released in the 70s, but I’ll remain eternally grateful for the resolve all the same.

It’s hard not to believe Scott Albert Johnson when he tells you that the clouds are going to break someday. For your sanity’s sake, add the celestially-produced, chorally-upraising single to your playlists.

You can check out the official music video to Float which was released on November 30th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Formed during COVID-19: The Band Esther drop debut single ‘Run’ off ‘The Pandemic EP’

A flourishing start is portrayed with the tapping of the drum sticks that gets us in the right mood. We are then lifted into an Alt-Rock world that has carefully clear vocals which are so sweet on the ear. New 5-Piece Mississippi outfit The Band Esther show us their vulnerable side with ‘Run‘.

This is all about wishing that the special one that you care about would stop hiding away from you, when you really want things to work out and for you to be together. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and you can’t forget it about it so quickly. The desire and love is there and that should be enough. In this unnecessarily complicated world however, sometimes that is just not enough.

With a spectacular sound that defies their young age as a band, this is a well-thought out single that is full of regret and wonder about what has quite happened. The melodies have you hooked instantly and you can’t help but sing along- always an action that knows you are listening to something really good.

The proudly Mississippi act The Band Esther are excellent on ‘Run‘ and for a debut release, this is an exciting step into becoming well-known around the world. They are a classy outfit, full of energy and precision.

Hear this debut track on Spotify and see more about the band on their Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: BROCK

Brock is an up-and-coming pop/singer-songwriter vocalist and producer from Mississippi. His debut single “Hide It” premiering Jan. 1st 2017 is the first of a string of songs he will be releasing in early 2017 accumulating in an EP. His rhythm-based and catchy style of production and singing gives his music a unique trademark.

This first track is a mixture of indie pop, acoustic, and R&B – three genres that have been influencing Brock since he began producing and songwriting at the age of 13. He likes to describe his sound as New Romantic – raw, unapologetic, and personal lyrics centered on relationships, love, and heartbreak with an upbeat, dance backbeat and rhythm.

Brock writes his lyrics from a personal space and hopes listeners will be able to relate to his story. Growing up in a family of “hobby” musicians, he had access to a drum kit and guitars at an early age giving him the opportunity to develop his skills as a multi-instrumentalist. Since then, he has been in a couple of locally successful indie bands and has spent the past two years developing his sound — working with numerous producers and songwriters in Los Angeles.