Zander Merone – No One Else: Electronica at Its Most Sonorous

Released on January 26th, 2018, No One Else is potentially one of the most soul fuelled tracks to bring in the year. With his quiescent R&B & Soul upbeat vibes Zander Merone, otherwise known as Brandon Alexander Malone is destined to become a household name in no time at all, his deep echoes reverberate romanticism right into the heart of your soul. The rounded beats behind the track are like nothing I’ve ever heard before, they’re beyond rounded, they stretch into infinity takig your mind with them, with stylish beatdowns and complex layers of pure electronic bliss.

Iowa based student turned Beat Master Merone promises more beats over the coming months, I can’t wait to hear the fresh Utopian mixes he blasts out next if No One Else is anything to go by. His sound is succinctly mature given his age, proving once and for all, age doesn’t matter when it comes to music, he found his own place in the underground R&B scene, and track by track, he’s going to tear it apart.

If sweet sonorous R&B is up your street, check out No One Else via Soundcloud using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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