Zack Kirkorian – Exercise in Stupidity: Stupid Has Never Sounded So Sexy

Sometimes, you’ve just got to embrace the silliness, and yes, that also applies to music. With so many self-aggrandized artists on the scene, it can get a little monotonous. Thankfully there are experimental Alternative artists such as Zack Kirkorian brave enough to create music that is guaranteed to get you out of a funk. Just been through a break up? Lost your job? Going bald? Turn off Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits and soak up the screeching hair metal anthemic riffs and dirty vocals that are injected around the comedy elements of this track. If you’re a fan of Beastie Boys, or even Kunt and the Gang or Mr Bungle you’ll be in your element with Zack Kirkorian’s album Exercise in Stupidity. There are so many variations to Zack Kirkorian’s sound in the album, each of the 21 tracks ring with a new influence, I swear I heard a bit of Frank Zappa in there around the earth shattering instrumentals.

Head on over to Zack Kirkorian’s website to check out his debut album Exercise in Stupidity. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Amelia Vadergast

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