Youth & Canvas – Heavy Hand: Cataclysmically Raw Alt Rock

Well, it would take heavy hands to create a sound as monumental as Youth & Canvas cooked up with their latest single Heavy Hand. I’ll cut to the chase by telling you it’s completely filthy.

The Alt Rock masterpiece which is Heavy Hand won’t fail to leave your heart rate through the roof as you listen to the intricate instrumental breakdowns come to a cataclysmic close. The symbols are impossible to ignore with the relentless crashing which barely pierces through the muddy guitar reverb, as the chord progressions from the guitar never cease to amaze you. I’ll be willing to go on record and say no Garage Rock sound has sounded sweeter this side of the 00’s. How they managed to create such a raucous anthemic sound in the absence of a bassist I will never understand.

The Texan based Duo took the sound that Muse cooked up a couple of decades ago and brought it up by a couple of hundred notches whilst the vocals share some reminiscence with bands such as Black Keys, Cage the Elephant and Jack White.

I’ll never run out of words for how refreshingly raw Youth & Canvas’ sound is, but you might as well check out the rhythmic masterpiece Heavy Hand out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now. While you’re over there you may as well check out the rest of their 2018 album ‘saints’

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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