Young Ferguson – Big Leaguer: Acoustically-Complimented Melodic Trap

I’ve heard more reincarnations of Lil Peep’s sound in the last year than I would ever care to in a whole life time. So, to hear an up and coming Trap artist taking a completely different approach to their heavily reverberated New Wave Trap sound is infinitely refreshing. Whilst it wasn’t all too easy to keep up with the lyrics to Young Ferguson’s single “Big Leaguer”, the beat and rhythm behind the melodically arresting single was more than enough to captivate me before the first verse had ran through. Alongside the lush synth chords and soft 808 beats you’re also treated to the rich tonality of the electric guitar in the seamlessly progressive multi-layer beat. With his on-point production skills and inventive approach to Hip Hop, I have no doubt that in the future we’ll be hearing a lot more from Young Ferguson.

You can check out Young Ferguson’s single Big Leaguer for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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