John Greska – Chiptune For The Chipper

Okay, so maybe Chiptune or 8-bit music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but all of us videogame revellers would be lost without it, whilst we’re collecting rings or fighting the boss, we need the upbeat synthesised renditions to keep us on our A Game. But what if we were to cross genres and allow for chiptune to collide with indie. If you’re thinking that would sound insane; you’re totally right.

Illinois based music visionary John Greska is an indie composer for video games and film that was mad enough to allow this chaos to happen. The result? An inventive sound which can only be described as a collective of contagious chipper madness. John’s passion for classical and instrumental music shines through his tracks in a chaotically poignant way. 8-bit powered music is only growing in popularity, with an indie edge, it’s sure to go down a treat! There are now entire festivals dedicated to the genre of synthesised retro gaming music. It’s original intention to accompany you through your gaming experience has transcended into a surrealist musical experience to enjoy away from your console and enjoy it in a more social setting!

If you’re looking for music to take you on a mind warp of an experience, look no further than John Greska’s tracks!

 You can check out his tracks on his SoundCloud profile on the link below:

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