YayRaven has dropped I Won’t Go Away Remix (Extended) ft Mhyst


YayRaven has dropped the extended version of the original piece ‘I Won’t Go Away’ ft Mhyst and we’re grateful that it’s longer so we can really hear what YayRaven has to offer.

Keeping that Dance and EDM sound very much alive, through this insanely catchy and uplifting piece. With the heart-pumping beats that pulsate through the background, adding in the electronic style effects to the melody with the vocals tending to distort and fade into the melody.

The rhythm is so well done and so many different sound effects have been incorporated into it, some give it it’s upbeat sound and the way they get louder then disappear into the background to unveil an insane breakdown with the beat cutting through.

It’s energetic and has such a liveliness to it when you listen, having that synthesized effect on the high-pitched soft vocals that go from high to low and flow in and out of the melody perfectly.

So glad that we got to hear an extended version of this track by YayRaven and Myhst.

Review by Karley Myall

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