The Wonderlust – Makes You Wonder: Transcendental Harmony Driven by the Beats of Progressive Downtempo

Makes You Wonder is the latest downtempo track from The Wonderlust; a talented Californian based duo who have mastered the Progressive, Electronica Fusion sound.

The duo’s latest track which was released in Feb, 2018 ‘Makes You Wonder’ is the kind of track that you can listen to when you’re not even high and it still sends you under with its surprisingly uplifting down-tempo. If the Dalai Lama had SoundCloud, I have no doubt that The Wonderlust would definitely be on his playlist. Words can barely express how cleanly and succinctly and transcendentally the Electronica chilled vibes fuse with the uplifting chords from the experimental guitar. Before you know it, you’ve already fallen into the harmony of the track.

Quite often I’ll find that ‘chill-out’ music has a habit of just letting you forget what you’re listening to, but every second of Makes You Wonder demands you appreciate this truly uniquely concocted sound that can’t possibly be ignored.

You can check out Makes You Wonder on the SoundCloud link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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