Shading the fakes: Jeorge II rolls in with the ferocious ‘Egomanic Flow’ (ft. EeDdAaYy)

Jeorge II is in no mood to mess around on this latest hard-hitting single called ‘Egomanic Flow‘ (ft. EeDdAaYy).

Dublin, Ireland-based emcee’s Jeorge II and EeDdAaYy pack a powerful punch on this gritty Hip Hop single that speaks about how fake some people are and the frustration behind in. They are both on a mission to get their music out there globally and don’t have time to screw around to appease phony frauds, that do a lot of talking but are absent with actual results.

The big ego can your brain from opening up and so many people have a problem with this issue. Luckily, this is a rapper who has no such issues. He is self-aware and whilst frustrated with certain folks, is smart enough to realize that he needs to stay in his own lane and stay focused on the bigger picture.

Egomanic Flow‘ (ft. EeDdAaYy) from Ireland-based Jeorge II is a storming Hip Hop single that is a powerful song with such substance and constant energy. This feels like a cipher and one of the best underground rap tracks from any country so far in 2021. The flow is real and performed hard as they two mean business. They are aware that we all have egos and keeping your own in check, is the way to truly succeed.

Turn up this fresh new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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