ASH – Poison Love: Soul-Driven Pop

I suppose I can forgive ASH for stealing the name of the iconic Rock band given the capitalization and considering that they’re contenders in completely different leagues.

The young American singer songwriter is due to release her latest single Poison Love soon; you may have to wait for the release, but I was lucky enough to get a taste of her resoundingly piercing Pop sensibility.

As far as I’m concerned, she’s ahead of the curve against her contemporary counterparts when it comes to producing soul-driven Pop music. The lyrics dissect the struggle of existing as a millennial; we’re constantly being told by the older generations that we have it easy, or that we’re just ruining everything. Yet, ASH is an artist with the ability to put Soul into the millennial generation with her heart wrenching lyrical renditions. Unlike with many other Pop artist’s there’s no fragility to her vocal range, just depth, empowerment and scorned passion. There really is no wonder why ASH’s music resonates so deeply with her fans with her ability to connect through her raw lyrical honesty.

You can check out ASH’s sensational soundscapes and find more about the emerging artist by heading over to her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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