You will fall for Sarah Hollins in a Heartbeat

Sarah Hollins is on a mission to remind us what pop music should be about. Forget the gimmicks, the marketing tricks, the style over substance that many of her rivals employ to hide the fact that they don’t have a particularly strong track, this girl bases her songs on one thing. Confidence. The beats drive hard, the grooves look you in the eye, challenging you not to move to the track…by the chorus you will be grooving some sultry footwork anyway so you might as well just get on with it from the start… and the vocals land powerfully and with intent.

She is a back to basics girl, she has figured out the key factors that make pop music so potent and used that knowledge to deliver perfect, state of the art, music of the moment, chilled, dance floor, future classics and Heartbeat is the result. Sometimes the simplest of plans reap the greatest results and this approach of just getting the core ideas locked down so that the rest will follow, is working perfectly for her and I think Sarah Hollins is a name which will soon be a fixture in the modern pop landscape.

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