Walking through the fog of 2020: A diamond in the dust with excellent full album ‘Leaving Neverland’ from Fabric YXE and Dayda Banks

Walking through the fog of 2020: A gem in the dust with full album ‘Leaving Neverland‘ from Fabric YXE and Dayda Banks is a self-searching faith journey that has Hip Hop fans awake.

This is a spiritual awakening. So often, Hip Hop artists forget the power they have. A genre that ripped through from the underground to become the American dream. From there most of the whole world followed suit and music became harder to find. This is something different. Enlightened Hip Hop with lots of soul.

Leaving Neverland‘ from Fabric YXE and Dayda Banks has lots of highlights and the album keeps your attention the whole way through without faltering.

Scars‘ is the first and probably best track of all. The hunger is apparent and the beat is uplifting and dark too. The flow is haunting and shows intent. Other highlights are without doubt ‘Count Sheep‘, ‘Garden of my Own‘ and ‘Gatekeeper‘ and gritty and with meaning. The stories are movie-like, the picture is painted without mainstream corny riffs, this is that well-constructed music that took months of toil, not a few minutes of mumble nonsense. This is on the best Hip Hop releases of 2020 and the world needs to listen with the volume up.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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