Viivë’s Freestyle Mix “Persian Rugs” Brings Wavy Trap Fused with Raw R&B Rhythm.

If you’re looking for a raw, reticent R&B Soul track to sink your teeth into, Viivë’s latest release “Persian Rugs” will satiate your thirst for salacious lyrics, smooth beats, and a hypnotically powerful single. You won’t be quick to forget the potent energy of the single once Persian Rugs has faded out thanks to the pure amount of Soul which poured through the lyrics and the perceptively unapologetically expressive vocal style.

As Persian Rugs was a freestyle mix, the true vibe behind the single truly hits you as you listen to the harmony entwines with an electronically driven melody using wavy layers of synths. And there’s no disputing that Viivë has a distinctively charismatic style of vocals to add a contemporary feel to the track which incorporates plenty of R&B Roots

You can check out Viivë’s latest single Persian Rugs for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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