Under the homonymous album, Chuck extracts his latest single Smwtd

Under the homonymous album, Chuck extracts his latest single Smwtd, an acronym I had to go research myself on Urban Dictionary to better understand this chillout tune. If you too don’t know what that means, do look it up for yourself – it’s a fun one!

It feels like you’re entering a classy lounge bar somewhere in downtown Santa Monica where rows of expensive cocktails are presented to patrons, and Smwtd emerges from the background invading the whole space to the point of covering voices and laughs, and drawing so much attention that people won’t wait a second longer before letting themselves swing to the music.

The rhythm alternations made of slow beats and loops that weigh in and out with their harmonic movement builds up a cosy vibe that’s all about fluctuations of mellow piano and guitar sounds.

Chuck maintains the same depth in all other tracks of the album (see Yellow – that’s another one I really dig) but you can start by listening to Smwtd on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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