Velvit – Dig: Explosively Enigmatic Alt Rock

The true mark of a great Alt Rock collective will always be sex appeal, (Feel free to argue with me) and that’s exactly what Velvit put out in their latest single Dig. As soon as the pulsing drum beat kicks in on the prelude the track starts to ooze raucously rhythmic synergy which would leave most bands envious of their command of sound. But nothing, absolutely nothing will prepare you for how much unadulterated filth they pack into the chorus. Which you’ll almost definitely need to sit down for. The switch up between the tentatively sweet Indie to the punchy veraciously explosive chorus was so seamless you couldn’t have anticipated it happening.

With their already radio ready sound, I wouldn’t say it’s going to be long until Velvit dominate the radio waves. Even after the fifth time of listening to Dig I couldn’t quite get over the raw vocal power over the track and the glorious reminiscence to Shinedown’s vocalist Brent Smith.

You can check out the official music video to Velvit’s track Dig on YouTube now & connect with the Leeds based four-piece collective via Facebook to stay up to date with their tours and new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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