Teresa Taylor – Glow: Jazz-Soaked Urban-Hyped Pop

Fitting very loosely into the Pop arena, Teresa Taylor’s latest single Glow shows us just how iridescent her style is. I can’t say I’ve ever heard such rhythm behind a Pop track, the groove and grind flows through the verses right into the chorus where you’re treated to decadently amplified swarms of sensual energy. Her R&B Soul approach to Pop puts to shame every artists that is currently producing plastic, generic beats in the hope of being played on the radio amongst all of the other indistinguishable artists. It’s safe to say Teresa Taylor stands out by a country mile.

Her powerfully sensual vocals won’t fail to capture your attention, in fact they won’t even let you go once the track has drawn to a close. Every element of the track sat at the perfect pitch to allow you to drink in the ethereal energy which went into the production. The multi layered beat utilised digital and acoustic elements to create a Jazz soaked, Urban-hyped anthem which is so much more than your average ballad.

Glow was Teresa Taylor’s first single released this year, you can check it out for yourselves over on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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