Are You Real? is back with the music video for ”Consequence” (Notwist Cover)

Venice, Italy is the home of Are You Real? He is back with his latest track and ”Consequence” (Notwist Cover) is inspired from lock-down. This cover has been stripped down to find the most intimate, personal and heartfelt style possible.

Are You Real? is the solo project of Andrea Liuzza who is a top quality Venetian musician and producer. His songs combine all the good parts of indie folk, alt rock and dream pop. This is a very creative soul who likes to challenge himself on new and exciting projects.

After making two albums in his own name, Andrea decided to hide behind the moniker Are You Real? In 2017 he founded Beautiful Losers, a label with which he releases records he has arranged and mixed for other artists, such as An Early Bird, A Red Idea and Leptons.

Consequence” (Notwist Cover) from Are You Real? has fascinating visuals and the vocals are a joy to listen to. This is an artist on a mission to create wonderful music during this tough time in the world and he achieves his goals on this new release.

Listen and view this new track right here on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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