VALVE – SHOWREEL: Poignantly Momentous Power Pop

Judging by the mainstream Pop genre, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Pop artists no longer have anything conceptual or fresh to offer. Yet, VALVE is a beautiful exception to the rule. VALVE’s latest single SHOWREEL is an overwhelmingly resonant production which comes alive with the perfect pinch of melancholy. There’s a Neo-Classical twist to the instrumentals which makes SHOWREEL as poignantly momentous as it is contemporarily fresh.

The lyrics to SHOWREEL were orchestrated to allow you to slip into the evocative soundscape, yet, the fluidly iridescent vocals and instrumentals are definitely enough to keep you there. The mix of classical strings with electronic effect is unlikely to become a sound that we’ll all get sick of hearing soon.

You can check out VALVE’s latest single which dropped in July 2018 on SoundCloud now along with the other stunning releases from the emerging maestros of Pop. You’ll struggle to find any two tracks that sound remotely similar.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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