Up and coming artist Amanda Rakel has dropped latest single 2 AM Friends


Now, this is a Pop hit in itself, Amanda Rakel has dropped ‘2 AM Friends’, now if Pop music is what you love to listen to then this one is a must.

Embracing that techno style sound that illuminates in the background, within seconds Amanda takes the lead with her adenoidal tone to her voice, having that rather brittle essence to her voice, tending to raise the volume in parts stretching out and hitting the high notes.

Keeping this piece real and honest with the lyrics as pure emotion pours into this song not only through the lyrical approach but through the way the voice tends to crack in places, but always singing in such a mesmerising way and in a tone that you do not hear much of, it’s not like any other artist, she’s unique and she embraces that.

Love this piece by Amanda and you definitely need to be adding this to your playlist, we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Check out Amanda Rakel’s Single 2 AM Friends by heading over here.

Review by Karley Myall

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