Understatement Is The Way Forward

All music is a juggling act of views and references, new ideas and absorbed sounds; the art is just not showing the welds that join them all together. Eight01 is a top sonic welder. He blurs so many musical lines so effectively that it is only when you get the microscope out that you can really see what is going on here. But who would do such a thing? And even though Moving On is built only of simple but sleek acoustic lines and emotive vocals it covers a lot of ground

It is a perfect blend of classic song writing and more folky traditions, understated pop and emotive, stripped back indie rock. It seems to have a wonderfully dynamic vision of what such a song should be about, it has grand sonic scope, captures or at least references a number of genres and styles and does so with only the most minimal of musical cards played. Less, as is often the case, is indeed more.

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