Fasho Flow – Petty: Chapter & Verse of Ghetto Trap

If you like plenty of groove & flex in your Hip Hop tracks, you can’t go far wrong with Fasho Flow’s latest single Petty. I genuinely had a hard time deciding whether I was more enthralled in the stylised rhythmic flow of Fasho Flow’s (AKA Dawon Mitchell) Hip Hop Rap style bars, or the gritty realism which created a perfectly immersive narrative that gripped you from the first bar. The only slight criticism that I would offer of the sound would be the amount of repetition that lingered in the track. It’s clear from the lyricism Fasho Flow’s track Petty that he has no trouble creating with mic-drop, punch in the gut lines.

The emerging Chicago, US based artist audibly has no issues when it comes to creating a perfectly polished beat, each of the Trap style layers sat nearly on top of each other to fashion a mid-tempo beat that would be perfect to listen to as part of any self-respecting Hip Hop Rap playlists. I’d put money on this one.

You can check out Flasho Flow’s latest track Petty which was dropped in April 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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