Tough on Fridays – The Waywards: A Concordant Reimagining of Riot Grrrl Anthemic Pop Rock

“The Waywards” is the stunningly authentic single from the up and coming duo Tough on Fridays. What you expect to unfold as an archetypally anthemic Pop Rock single transgresses into a soundscape which anyone who was invested in the Alt 90’s sound is sure to appreciate.

The single may have a timeless feel, yet, the lyrics conjure imagery which is more relatable to the present day, which is just one of the reasons Tough on Friday’s sound is so instantly accessible. Kate and Caleigh may have only been around on the music scene since 2017, yet, their distinctively concordant approach already possesses a synergetic maturity which leaves much to be desired. With their ability to create a single which is as poignant as it is potent – you don’t want to let this band pass you by.

You can check out Tough on Fridays’ latest single The Waywards for yourself by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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