Tonisongs Releases New Track “Elevator Eyes”

ToniSongs is a young songwriter and producer with a very unique tone and sound. With strong background in Gospel, R&B and HIp-Hop in combination with experience on stage as an actress and screenwriter, she is bringing forward a new sound and style in music. In her song “Elevator Eyes.” ToniSongs presents her unique sound through soft vocal melodies, a memorable chorus and an interesting guitar accompaniment.

When first listening to this song one of the most noticeable aspects is the way the guitar sound is used to establish the harmony and drive the music forward. This in fact showcases ToniSongs’ skill at crafting an all digital accompaniment for her own songs. Although the instrumental arrangement is machine made Toni manages to make it sound appropriate for the song and also including a modulation right at the very beginning. Apart from this, her voice is also particularly unique and the way she crafts her melodies definitely has the ability to spark interest for any listener. ToniSongs shows that she has a strong vision and is working hard to achieve her goals as a songwriter and screenwriter with an authentically unique sound.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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