Tired Eyes Kingdom Takes Electronic Music Into A Whole Different Spectrum in “Edge”

Tired Eyes Kingdom takes electronic music into a whole different spectrum in “Edge”, using obscure tones through a down tempo structure. Carrying a desolate vibe, the ambiguous vocals become intriguing as the melancholic story unravels. The shady beat reverberates from rhythm to rhythm, gauging a tight hold onto the sensation we share with the gloomy tale. The magic from the bleak atmosphere from “Edge” consumes us, whilst forcing out darker conflictions we so blindly can relate to.

The track begins with an echo of a beating heart, using a subtle but pertinent beat to intensify the rigid condition. As the tension is built up, the hostile vocals scream a distant fear, using a forbidding vacancy in her voice creating a high strung impact the song deserves. Isabelle Pabst on the eidolic vocals elaborates how this person in question is the catalyst to her darkness, emphasising how natural it feels. She stresses, “I felt it so strong/Your light sharpening the edge of my shadows/Within you I become clear”. The depth of the track goes beyond simple lyrics, and harbours visceral purpose, and as the lethargic beat fades away a grave sombre feeling lingers behind.

-Aly McHugh

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