The Three Horsemen of the Hip-hopalypse

If Hip-Hop was the story of the streets but Rap was what happened when the genre embraced the dream of celebrity and money, then Trap is the sound of that dream shattering and returning to its tough and gritty roots. And just like the street gangs that were the originators of it all, T.H.C Productions own in house musical posse consisting of Konnect, DaVinci Green and King Bheny act as The Three Horsemen of the Hip-hopalypse and take things back to its roots.

The lyrics are filled with street philosophy and social commentary and land perfectly on the listener with style and confidence and the whole affair is spacious, allowing every word and every beat room to breathe and so work more effectively. It swaggers, is filled with an attitude and pretty much screams at the listener, “I don’t care what you think!”A game raising musical slice if ever there was one.

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