Khyaam Haque – A Silver Kind of Gray: A Composition of Aural Melancholy

A Silver Kind of Gray is a song that you wish you could get lost in forever. Sadly, the track is only 4:12 minutes long, but the pure palpable emotion that’s driven through the piano keys in that time is enough to drown you in sonority that lasts until long after the composition has reached its climax.

A Silver Kind of Gray was the standout single from Chicago composer Khyaam Haque’s 2016 debut album Sonorous Laments of a Future Past. If you thought the name was beautiful (I most definitely did), then your jaw is going to be on the flaw when you hear the pensively keyed composition swirling with the tide through the multi-layered progressions of sound. The leg-twitchingly-good cascades of sound contained in A Silver Kind of Gray move with a fluidity that I can guarantee you will have scarcely heard before.

Haque’s full 2016 debut album Sonorous Laments of a Future Past is available to listen to in full on Spotify, so If you’re looking for a neo-classical composer with the ability to take your breath away I wouldn’t hesitate to check it out. His music is highly resonant for any fans of Nils Frahm, Phillip Glass, and Phillip D Zach.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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