There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Fun

So with the sun finally back, it is only natural that music is being released to match the vibe and the warmth, the sense of fun and freedom that it induces and Jimmy Gavin’s latest really sums up the whole spirit of summer. Not only does Too Much Fun capture the throwaway attitude that goes with season, he reminds us that it isn’t about spending money, that you can enjoy yourself by making your own merriment. It reminds us that as kids we never needed expensive effects to enjoy ourselves, when the weather got hot we just hit the beach or the local lake, so just embrace that childlike sense of wonderment and do the same and embrace your yonger more fun loving self again.

If pop is about escapism, good times and fun then Too Much Fun could almost be the modern template upon which the young commercial pop-dance artist should work too. It grooves, pops and struts with confidence and effortless cool, it blends latino exoticism with western swagger and is nothing short of the sound of the summer. It’s hard to think of one thing that he has missed out.

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