Indie Pop artist Birch makes their debut with their single “I’ll Be Fine”

“I’ll Be Fine” is the lyrically driven debut from up and coming Indie Pop artist Birch which will take you right back to an era of Pop when the lyricism offered something poised, passionate, and meaningful.

The candid nature of the lyricism pulls you in straight from the first verse, hooking you into a compelling narrative which offers the perfect balance of melancholy and upbeat inspiration. While most Pop artists fail to make their lyricism feel raw and human, that’s exactly where Birch succeeds with his debut single I’ll Be Fine. Of course, how hard the lyrics hit you has a lot to do with the pitch-perfect power of Birch’s vocals.  The way the Indie Pop instrumentals ebb and flow sporadically picking up the momentum and taking you right back down to simple arrestive melodies also plays a pretty heavy hand in how hard this track will hit.

You can check out Birch’s single I’ll Be Fine for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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