The Renadeans – Coming Home Again: Melancholically Euphoric Garage Rock

Taking 5 by The Renadeans

The Renadeans dropped their single Coming Home Again on July 27th, 2018. Any fans of explosively emotive Garage Rock will be in heaven with the palpably pensive progression of the track. As a massive Fidlar fan it was hard not to draw reminiscence between the two bands, yet, The Renadeans came up on top with their intricately electric, angular guitar riffs and nostalgically raw Rock n Roll vocals. There are very few emerging artists around today who can muster that much aural energy to put behind their soundscapes. They may have kept their production on the Lo Fi end of the scale, yet the Renadeans are more than worthy of some space on the radio waves.

You can stream and download the Renadeans single from their latest album Taking 5 by heading over to BandCamp now. Each of the 12 tracks on the album carry their own dizzying weight of raucous attitude which proves that the Norwich, UK based powerhouse are more than serious contenders in the underground Alt Rock scene.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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