The Marsh Family instilled empathy for refugees in their single, See Your Face Again

Released to raise awareness for 2023’s Refugee Week, The Marsh Family’s compassion-driven and strings instilled latest single, See Your Face Again, is as devastatingly beautiful as it is necessary. In a time when tribalism and prejudice are so pervasive in the mainstream discourse, and when it is painfully evident that empathy is the only remedy, singles don’t come much more seminal than See Your Face Again.

The indie folk single by the musical family gives the listener a view into how heartbreaking it is for migrants to decide to tear themselves away from the ones they love in search of a future that is brighter. There’s no sacrifice greater than leaving family behind in landscapes where more rubble amasses every day.

Instead of preaching to the choir, the Marsh Family collectively put themselves in the unenviable position of migrants, allowing the listener to come to their own emotional conclusions, whilst being guided by the euphonic grace of the release.

The single features Ali Esmahilzada, who fled from Kabul to LA without his violin, but was benevolently given one by a US benefactor. The single itself pushed me to the brink of tears; the stunning contribution from the resoundingly talented Ali Esmahilzada pushed me over the edge.

Stream See Your Face Again from the 16th of June via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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