The Grey Agents – The Murder Farm: A Magnificently Macabre Mature Rock Masterpiece

I’m not going to lie, the first few seconds of the official music video to The Murder Farm absolutely terrified me. Horror fans; you’re going to be in your element with this track. The dread of being traumatised by the video quickly outweighed the usual scepticism of hearing a track for the first time as the American Horror Story-esque feature began its prelude.

After the very first note. I simply fell in love with The Grey Agents who had used the location of ‘The Murder Farm’ which was the burial site to mass murder victims back in 1931. Whilst that aspect is all delightfully macabre, the actual sound couldn’t be more blindingly beautiful. As for the lyrics, well, it’s safe to say I have never in my life encountered a track like The Murder Farm. Through the lyrics the grim tales of The Murder Farm are told through angst fuelled, yet soulful blues vocals. My mind is officially blown.

Head on over to YouTube to check out The Grey Agents frankly genius new track:

You can also check out the Grey Agents official website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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