The Drugstore Radio – Fire Walk with Me: Irresistibly Immersive Indie Rock

If you’re looking for an unadulterated hit of authentic Rock n’ Roll, look no further than the Drugstore Radio’s latest track “Fire Walk with Me”.

Around the melodic symphonies you’ll find deep bendy basslines and Jangle Pop rhythms which allow the punchy energy which the Drugstore Radio will no doubt become renown for to resonate.

Around the furore of the instrumental arrangement are the vocals which find the perfect balance between stridency and charisma. The NY-based powerhouse may be up and coming at the moment, but there’s no disputing that with their pragmatic approach to Indie Rock they’ll see a short ascension. Their ability to create big choruses and exude so much visceral emotion with their music has already made a lasting impression with us.

You can check out Fire Walk with Me for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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