Neo-Classical composer Typical has made their debut with 7 unadulterated minutes of aural captivation.

Many artists try to impart their presence in the music industry with eye-grabbing visuals, and myriads of distractions which pull you away from the true essence of their creativity. Washington-based Neo-Classical composer Typical took the opposite approach and allowed their debut self-titled piano piece to speak for itself.

With no lexical vocals, just a few echoed harmonies, you’re compelled to read the emotion weaved in between the urgency of the stabbing piano notes. As the piece progresses, you’ll find yourself getting caught up within the plaintive furls of the classical strings as Typical leads the piano melody into an arrangement with the power to confuse your own rhythmic pulses. Typical is a visceral composition which will immerse you in 7 minutes unadulterated aural captivation.

You can listen to Typical’s self-titled piece via Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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