The Balance Factor – KILLAFORNIA: The Metal Takeover We’ve All Been Waiting For

As someone that has always been partial to filthy, heavy, raucous Metal, it was only natural for me to develop an affinity for The Balance Factor’s sound. With their latest single KILLAFORNIA they not only created an awesome play on words, they also orchestrated what could only be described as a cataclysmically heavy anthem of pure angst which will dredge up all that sweet nostalgia for a time when decent Metal was actually still produced.

Any fans of Soil, Pantera, Mud Honey, Rob Zombie, and Tool are going to have to check out this explosively concordant track on their playlists. With drum rolls and a double bass pedal which will leave you weak at the knees, vocals that Marilyn Manson always wished he had and soul-shattering guitar solo’s it is easy to envisage a world where The Balance Factor dominate the Metal festival headline spots.

You can check out the latest single KILLAFORNIA from The Balance Factor

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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